These are the biggest fashion trends for 2022

A new year, new opportunities and new trends. Winter is a time full of fun. Evenings in front of the fireplace with a good book and a glass of red wine. And of course a wardrobe full of new fashion. We have listed the most beautiful fashion trends for 2022. Here are the predictions for the new year.

Elegant Bodysuits

Celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger, who has dressed Meryl Streep, Lupita Nyong’o and Shailene Woodley, among others, suspects we’ll be seeing the bodysuit a lot. “The bodysuit is the perfect base layer to start with and to feel comfortable. For a more stylish look, team a bodysuit with a classic trench coat and chunky Chelsea boots, perfect for drinks with friends.”

Preppy tennis outfit

Next year, popular sports will influence our clothing choices again. the big thing? That’s the tennis outfit. “From cropped and oversized polos to sweaters that are haphazardly tied around your shoulders and pleated skirts, a modern take on country club style. From preppy college sweaters to sporty baseball jackets and caps and tennis dresses with a lapel collar: college chic is still in 2022.


Gender-neutral clothing has been on the rise for a long time and that trend will continue in 2022, celebrity stylist Mickey Freeman predicts. “We will see androgynous fashion trends in 2022, especially women wearing men’s suits and men wearing kilts and pleated skirts. What is considered masculine and feminine in the fashion world will continue to evolve.”

More and more brands are coming up with a line that no longer distinguishes between the sexes: the garments are meant to be worn by everyone. Of course, oversized remains a code word here: from wide trousers to oversized trenches, elegant boyfriend shirts and shapeless T-shirt sweaters, androgynous is hip.

Timeless fashion

According to fashion expert Maggie Winter, timeless fashion is not yet on its way out. “We want less stuff, and we want to invest in pieces that make us feel good. We give the clothes in our closet that are too specific, too fussy, too extra to charity.” According to Winter, this results in a timeless wardrobe.

Dot of color

It’s okay to have some color in your wardrobe. From pastel pink organza tops to fuchsia, red, orange, purple, neon yellow and green, no harsh hue is shunned. In addition to a striking color, you can also go for a striking silhouette. Oversized remains a key word.

Bohemian outerwear

Outerwear also experienced an absolute revival this winter: from ‘cuddly’ fleece sweaters, to teddy jackets with pockets in white or brown faux fur and loose-fitting jackets and skirts in a soft plaid fabric. Trending in 2022: combine your far-northern outerwear look with a dash of ethnic boho couture. Not sure what we mean by that: Coach’s spring summer collection is the perfect example.

Glitter and glam

Glitter and glam are also completely revived this year: from loose chinos in metallic, to glamorous evening dresses with diamond details and a showy split in the striking fabric to ankle-length coats with a high Hollywood content. Tip: combine your red satin dress with sparkling earrings and your shiny coat with a cool knee boot to give it some edge.

Power sets

The season doesn’t seem complete without a powerful costume. Ideal for the office, a networking drink or just a casual date with friends. You can style the power suit exactly so that it fits you. This makes it a worthwhile investment. The suit has this name for a reason, because you radiate so much power in it! Especially when you choose a blazer with shoulder pads. No wonder the fashion world loves this piece so much. You can always choose a black, gray or brown one. Do you really want to stand out? Then wear a bright color such as pink, green or red. Success guaranteed!

Chic knitted loungewear

Still a little loungewear in 2022 with the chic co-ords. These loungewear sets look very sophisticated and are really comfortable. An elegant upgrade to the jogging suit we couldn’t get enough of last year. Combine the set with a pair of sneakers and you’re ready to walk the dog, run errands, or just enjoy the crackling fire. And that knitted Spencer? We are going to wear it a lot this winter, so it should definitely stay in your wardrobe.


The monochrome trend is of course not entirely new. This turned out to be a hit last spring and we expect all things monochromatic in 2022. Celebrity stylist Jamie Frankel suspects this has to do with comfort. “As we’re slowly going back to normalcy, people want to feel stylish without having to put in a lot of effort.”

Roaring twenties

Although the casual high waisted mom jeans certainly didn’t intend to leave the scene, the waist of your pants, skirt or other bottom piece may also be a bit lower this year for the first time. Masculine trousers or baggy jeans that are worn very low on the hips are in. You can also adjust your waist in another way: by letting an XL knitted sweater fall very low over your bottom. In the case below good for a roaring twenties effect. What do you think of the fashion trends for 2022?

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