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The modern workplace has never been so open-minded and diverse as it is today when it comes to many issues, and the dress code is no exception. Empowering is the word of the era, it seems, and you, as the true personification of power, can finally use your creativity to compile the best and the brightest of your workplace wears to slay at the office in more ways than one.

You have mastered the art of negotiation, presentation, management, organization, you name it, but when it comes to the age-old conundrum of office style, you can finally say goodbye to those “I have nothing to wear” days. The following can be your little checklist of girlboss style and class, one you can always rely on to envision the next mind-bogglingly divine outfit to inspire even more awe when you walk into the office!

Timeless picks

For fuss-free Mondays and mid-week hustle, every girl-boss needs her own set of trusty classics that she can turn to for reliable comfort, style, and chic. After all, there’s a reason (or several) for which certain pieces have been dubbed timeless, such as the pencil skirt, the button-down white, or the unparalleled power-suit. They are all easy to mix and match, low-maintenance, and offer plenty of play room when it comes to accessorizing.

So, before you move on to the big guns in your wardrobe, first build your minimalist capsule of classics that will always be clean, fresh, and ready for conquering the business world. Make sure you have at least one pair of dress pants, a little black dress that subtly flatters your figure and is of appropriate length, and of course, don’t stop until you find the already mentioned pencil skirt and the crisp white shirt.

Embrace personality

Unless you work in an exceptionally strict office environment, why not wear some of your brighter, bolder pieces to the office, too? As long as they are of appropriate length and fabric, you can add a spark of yourself into everything you put on for the day ahead.

Think: a quirky-patterned shirt to go with your plain black trousers, or floral dresses that go deliciously well with classy ankle boots and your office purse. Not only will your girlboss style of choice pop, but you’ll also manage to feel more comfortable in your own skin and not as if you’ve just been delivered from a conveyor belt of thousands of monochrome outfits.

Chic and casual girlboss style

Being a classy, powerful gal doesn’t mean that you cannot have a few casual items in your closet waiting for that cocktail dinner with clients, celebrating a relevant company milestone, or a laid-back casual Friday. In fact, some of these occasions require more imagination than your everyday rush at work, hence the need for a classy playsuit to go wonderfully with your heels, a stripy jumpsuit for slightly more formal occasions, and that dreamy cocktail dress in red.

No matter the event, a true lady-boss has her bases covered with the right wardrobe essentials that are comfy, yet sophisticated. This is where you can let your stylish self experiment with different shades, unusual patterns and curious materials – all that matters is that each garment has your personality written all over it.

The devil’s in the details

Would Natalie Massenet’s simple, but stunning combination of gray and white look so damn mighty without her impeccable animal-print purse? Probably. But you have to admit that the outfit is all the more powerful and awe-inspiring with this little detail. Achieving that effect is not as complicated as it may seem, but you do need to have your own go-to selection of accessories for the office.

They are your perfect chance to flaunt your character without pushing the lines of your office dress code. A single pair of heels with a touch of texture or a curious color are a great way to stand out, while a chunky wrist watch is another way to say you rule.

Diversify with patterns and texture

When things get dull for you, it’s time to look into subtle ways to add personality into your look without disturbing the sensitive nature of an office-friendly girlboss style. Although black, grey, and white are the staples of a professional wardrobe, you can always incorporate an accent shade or two, such as red, emerald, or royal blue into your look.

However, introducing patterns such as stripes, polka-dots, geometrical shapes, asymmetrical cuts, and interesting fabrics can be another solution. Think: velvet for its smooth, glossy look, silk for elegant situations, and a touch of lace for detailed texturing.

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