The Sensible Jewellery Trends Of 2022

Fashion – it has been around since the beginning of time. Ever since humans began to separate into cohesive sociable groups, fashion and more importantly, jewellery, has been an instrumental way to express yourself and indicate status. In the beginning, the first items of jewellery were basic pieces of rocks or leaf, handcrafted and hand weaved by our ancestors. Today, minerals are mined from the deepest parts of the earth’s crust in order to keep ourselves and our loved ones happy.

As stated, jewellery today is a complicated process that involves heavy duty work. Most people don’t think about where their jewellery comes from. It’s just something you buy, but the truth is that the heavy duty work that goes into making a piece of jewellery can have a serious toll on the environment and our surroundings. Good thing there are many fashion trends now that are pro-environment.

Minimalist Jewellery Trends

After many exposing events, we as people are much more aware of the current state of our earth’s atmosphere. Owing to this, we have become more aware of what we consume. This includes the processes that are used to grant us our favourite items. It is taxing on the planet to make jewellery, especially those with finer rocks. Therefore, instead of matching jewellery pieces, people are beginning to only have one piece of jewellery. An example of such pieces of jewellery could be custom emerald cut halo engagement rings. While this does not allow for a matching set of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, it does allow for wearers to feel good about themselves while donning their favourite piece.

Sustainable Jewellery

While some of us want to reduce the amount of jewellery that we wear, others simply do not. Another recent fashion trend is the increased popularity in sustainable jewellery. This article is in favour of matching your favourite rings, necklaces, bracelets, whatever, as long as it is sustainable. Most of our jewellery today is extracted through the process of mining, so we have to make sure that all practices and processes used in the making of the jewellery are fair for all involved. Some people have even started reigniting the tradition of heirlooms.

No Jewellery

There has always been a stark divide between the prole and the man, the working class and the middle class, the rich and the poor. This has been the way since the start of time. People now have been heard to simply refuse to wear jewellery, or just use them on special occasions. The reason for this is due to the fact that in the past it was used to show status. By lessening the need to wear jewellery, and setting aside the pieces as investment for the future generation to use, people are curbing the age-old indicator of a proverbial place in society.

Matching jewellery should only be done where it can be done in an environmentally sound way. This is due to the rising concerns about our planet’s welfare.

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