The Secrets to achieving timeless style like a Parisienne

Are you looking for items of clothing and accessories that will last a long time? Do you want to look chic, elegant and well dressed? Then dress like a Parisienne. Their clothing style is timeless and well put together. In this blog article, I will tell you more how to create a timeless signature look.

Timeless fashion, that seems to be something that is not really feasible because fashion is constantly changing. Yet there are certain items of clothing and accessories that will fit into fashion for a very long time. Just think of vintage clothing.

Most items of clothing last around 3-5 years on average. We also see cycles in which certain fashion trends come back, but always in a slightly different way.

After such a period, clothing no longer really fits in its time. Then, for example, the legs are too wide, the cuffs too wide, the collar is too narrow, the skirt too short, the shoulders too wide or the shape is no longer of this time. In other words, the garment looks dated.

Accessories are also subject to fashion, just think of sunglass frames. Ten years ago the glasses were much narrower than now.

Yet there are enough items to be found that will last a long time. Think of the white t-shirt, the jeans, black pumps, the trench coat, the pencil skirt, a blouse with dots, a turtleneck, a checkered scarf, ballerinas, certain handbags such as Chanel, the cat-eyeglasses, etc.

leather pants

                                                                                 Red leather pants

How do you recognize timeless clothing?

Clothing that lasts for a relatively long time is usually fairly simple in shape, often has no too striking details and is usually solid and calm in color. This type of clothing is also called ‘classic clothing’. This type of clothing is often more valuable, has a nice fit and is made of beautiful materials. You can use it for a long time without being out of style.

The Parisian woman likes to dress in beautiful timeless basics. You see a lot of plain quality fabrics, such as a nice wool blend.

With the casual Parisian style, the colors are almost always neutral, for example:

– gray,

– black,

– white, off-white or cream,

– beige,

– camel,

– dark blue.

leather pants
                                                                                   Black leather pants


What are timeless items of clothing?

A simple straight leather pant without embellishments is timeless. Preferable in black, or white but you can also go for a more interesting color like wine red.

You can take a long time with a satin blue blouse like this. The neckline is classic and the sleeves are nice, but not too overdone. The royal blue color gives a nice, fashionable touch to the whole.

A simple dress in a neutral color like nude, black or white is timeless. The color is neutral, it is solid and the model is simple.

Furthermore, we often see a turtleneck or other simple but chic sweater, a white blouse, a fitted skirt, a blazer and beautiful shoes made of genuine leather. Jewelry is often quite classic. We also see the beret often with the Parisian woman.

Make sure you have nice leather shoes or boots with a classic cut. For example ballerinas, a pair of high heels, or beautifully fitting, slim-cut boots. Do you choose heels? Make sure that you can walk well on this. Stumbling on a pair of heels is not sexy.

With these parts you can vary endlessly, depending on the occasion you are dressing for.

satin blouse
                                                                             Blue satin blouse
Makeup tips

Keep your hairstyle and makeup clean and simple. Take a neutral lipstick color, red lipstick can be a good alternative and fits very well with this style. The hair of the Parisienne is casually styled but always looks well-groomed.

Trendy items

Trendy items are nice to give your wardrobe a boost. It’s ok if they are of less quality since you will be wearing them for a short season. They are often bold in shape, color or have a certain fashionable theme or print. But it’s always recommended to have some classics in your wardrobe. Provide some good basics. You can supplement this with a few more ‘trendy’ items, such as trendy sunglasses which you already know will be out of fashion next year. Spend the majority of your clothing budget on high-quality basic items.

                                                                            Black and white dress

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