The perfect eyebrows: 7 advantages of microblading

While having the perfect eyebrows may seem out of reach for many, there are methods of achieving them. Most women grow tired of the constant plucking, waxing, and using eyebrow pencils. Microblading allows a woman to look her best and ensures her eyebrows are full and shaped perfectly. With this article, women will learn about microblading, what it is, and the benefits.

What Is Microblading?

Not everyone has perfect brows. Medical conditions and genetics can sometimes cause a person’s eyebrows to be overly thin or non-existent. Microblading at Donaldson Plastic Surgery gives women a semi-permanent eyebrow. The esthetician uses special tools to embed pigments into the skin. With this procedure, perfect eyebrows are born.

Seven Advantages of Microblading

Those who have never had microblading may not realize the full advantages. This procedure is not overly painful, and the results are stunning. The following offers insight into the many benefits of having microblading done.

1. Once a woman has microblading done, she will no longer have to worry about her eyebrows in the morning. Women will not have to stress about tweezing or filling in their eyebrows.

2. Many people do not realize how much money they can save with microblading. People spend a lot of money on eyebrow tools, including tweezing, waxing, and makeup. These are all eliminated with microblading.

3. One of the most significant benefits of microblading is that there is no upkeep. The brows stay beautiful looking for up to 30 months. There is no longer a need to tweeze, wax, or color them.

4. Another benefit of microblading is that the eyebrows are waterproof. Women can go swimming and take showers or baths without worrying about the pigments being removed. Life can continue without a woman ever having to touch up her brows.

5. Many people are shocked over how natural microblading makes their brows look. It is virtually impossible to tell where the microblading and natural hair growth begin and end.

6. Women can choose multiple looks, depending on their desired outcome. Before the microblading appointment, the individual will have a consultation that allows them to select their perfect brows and placement, for the best look.

7. The brow colors will not fade over time and will not change color. Using organic colors, the esthetician will offer new brows that stay the same color throughout the lifespan of the microblading look.

What Is Involved in the Healing Process?

Because the esthetician uses special tools that make small cuts in the skin, individuals will go through a healing process after their procedure. It generally takes 25 to 30 days for full healing. During this time, women will experience some discomfort and a feeling of tightness, especially in the first couple of weeks.

As the brows heal, the skin in the area may become dry and flaky. It is essential women follow the directions of their doctor or esthetician to get the best healing results. It is important to remember that microblading is a semi-permanent treatment option. The brow look will last up to 30 months, but women will need touchups every 12 to 18 months.

Learn More Today

Those who are ready to get microblading will need to first schedule a consultation appointment. At this appointment, they will learn more about the procedure and can choose their brow look.

Microblading allows women to have full and feathery eyebrows, even if they were not born with them. Schedule your consultation appointment today.

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