The Only 10 Clothing Pieces You Need to Get Through 2018

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With fashion trends constantly changing, we are constantly feeling the pressure to keep up. Therefore, we get this notion that in order to do so, we have to stock up on every trendy item, and let’s face it, that means spending a great deal of money, not to mention overcrowding your wardrobe. The truth is, you can definitely get away with ten essential pieces which, when put together strategically can create an endless number of combinations. In short, you get to have your cake and eat it too – buy only ten pieces and go through the next year looking super-stylish and on trend, so let’s see what these golden 10 are.

Worth the money


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A great coat is definitely an investment piece, so the first thing you should look for in one is quality. The second list is timelessness – the cut should be stylish but not too trendy, and the color should come from a neutral color palette. Stick to gray, navy, camel or black. This way you’ll be able to mix and match with ease, and never be ‘the girl in the yellow coat.’

Make it to the other side
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Transition periods are always tricky, so in order to get through them with little hassle you can choose one of the two items, best case scenario – both. One is a classic trench which is always in style, and the other is a moto leather jacket. These will get you through both spring and fall, and sometimes even through ‘easy’ winter days.

Stray away
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Most people would tell you that owning a black blazer is essential, but in the world of great patterns that stand the test of time, why not go for something with more flair? The checkered print has made a huge comeback, and it’s sure to stick around for a few seasons, so a checkered double-breasted blazer is definitely the way to go. You can wear it during the entire year and create looks that range from smart and sharp, sexy, chic and casual. It’s a chameleon really, so it’s worth the buy.

Technically one piece

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This is an item you want to stock up on, but it counts as one – T-shirts. You can never have enough simple tees in neutral and non-colors. You can create different types of outfits from chic to super-casual using them as a base, and not only are they a great go-to for summer but will work all year round if you put them to work as one of the numerous winter layers.

Here we go again
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Before you know it, summer will be just around the corner, which means you need one great bathing suit. If Michael Kors’s line has taught us anything is that tropical prints and pastels will be hot fashion trends in 2018 so make sure you get something that fits the bill and you’re set for days at the beach.

Speak of the devil…
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Of course, fun in the sun cannot go without a few obstacles, and these usually come in the form of a packing hassle, especially when we’re planning a summer holiday. Instead of worrying about endless resort outfits, simply go with a couple of stylish kaftans and call it a day. It’s the easiest thing you can pack, it’s suitable resort and beach wear. Plus, it’s incredibly Instagrammable, so you’ll look amazing on your ‘beach photos’ without trying too much.

Hug the legs
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Leggings, simple leggings are necessary this season. They’re comfortable, can be worn alone and rocked as a part of an athleisure look, to the gym, afternoon walks, running errands, and in the colder months they can enable you to wear skirts without freezing.

While on the subject…
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of legs, you definitely need a pair of jeans, but not just any jeans – dark straight-leg jeans. These are neutral enough for you to pair them with different tops and create different looks, are flattering for every body type and most importantly, they’re not ripped. Ripped jeans are out, so stick with the new old classic.

Feel the trend

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The one trend that has no intention of fading away is the athleisure trend. When you know a trend has staying power, feel free to invest in pieces that are ‘on’ that trend. Sneakers aren’t only the pillar of athleisure but they’re also comfortable, and with the right outfit can actually be really chic. You just have to find a pair that speaks to your style persona and goes with your wardrobe and you’re set.

End with a bang
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Just a week ago, the Pantone color institute has named Ultra Violet the color of 2018, and this should be honored with at least one piece in that color. If you’re tired of the little black dress, step over to the purple side and express your boldness with a great violet dress. This baby will make you noticed at all the parties, and if you go for a combination of florals and violet, you’ll have a dress that’s suitable for any occasion.



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    These are great tips. I agree, classic pieces like a coat, trench coat/ leather jacket, denim are essential for anyone’s closet. Loved this violet coat in last pic, so pretty.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  • Reply January 11, 2018

    Courtney Hardy

    This post was so helpful.I love basic pieces like jeans, and a white top. The classics always stay in the wardrobe.

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