‘The First Month is Free ‘ new mockumentary series created by Australian actress, Alli McLaren

alli mclaren, mockumentary

‘The First Month is Free ‘ is a new mockumentary series created by Australian actress, Alli McLaren. McLaren states “I’ve spent a lot of my life either being a member or a gym or working at a gym and there is just so much drama – I knew I needed to create a show about it because so many people from all different demographics and countries can relate to the crazy things that go on.”

‘The First Month is Free’ began shooting in June 2018 in Los Angeles, CA and has some of LA’s most promising talent attached to it. The cast includes Jordyn Jones (Influencer, Dancer and Actor), Nick Moss (Emmy Award Winning Actor), Simonna (European Singer), Alli McLaren and so many more.

The series revolves around Addison (McLaren) who grew up as a child celebrity, and like many child celebrities went off the rails. She struggled from body image problems, addictions and eating disorders and found herself in rehab. After turning her life around, she became a fitness addict and created her own fitness program which is all about loving yourself for you and maintaining who you are forever and ever. She uses her message to influence the younger generation of today that you are perfect regardless of your body type and what you look like. Addison’s intentions are great – the only problem is she has no idea how to actually run a gym. Or a business for that matter. She hires people who have no idea what they are doing and the entire gym is running itself into the ground within the first week. Not to mention, all the funding comes from sponsors who they have to continually please every week to keep the doors open.

The series is filled with many relatable awkward moments, heart-breaks, love triangles and clueless people who are just doing their best to try to create something they have no background in. It’s a family friendly show that will make you laugh – even if you don’t go to the gym!


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