The Beauty of Mature Models in Today’s Culture

mature models

Probably only mature models remember the name of the iconic “Twiggy,” Lesley Lawson, nee Lesley Hornby, of the mid to late 1960s. Until Twiggy made the headlines, models were mostly voluptuous, and few were the stick figures we see today until Twiggy became “The Face” of 1966. Everyone marveled at how this bone-thin model could have risen to popularity so quickly when she lacked curves and was, to put it simply, straight up and down.

While Twiggy began a trend in ultra-thin runway and film models that was to last the better part of half a century, she is a reminder to models of all shapes, weights, ethnicities, and ages that anyone can become a supermodel, and anyone can set a trend. After all, she did, didn’t she? If you are a mature woman seeking to enter the glamorous world of modeling, there is nothing holding you back in today’s culture. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Baby Boomers Hold the Purse

It has only been recently that Millennials have equaled Boomers in spending power, but to this day, Boomers still hold the purse in many ways and for many reasons. Most younger people are still working on creating wealth for their futures while Boomers have reached their senior years, acquiring the wealth they need for this stage of their lives.

Boomers have a disposable income greater than most Millennials and, as a result, they want to see people of an age modeling fashions they might consider buying. As a result, more and more models are over 50 years of age and many of them grace the covers of some of the industry’s leading publications.

Marketing to a New Mindset

When the average person thinks about aging, they typically think of all the ways in which aging alters their once young and wrinkle-free bodies. Most people understand that with aging comes with such things as reduced mental clarity and mature adults are often faced with such health issues as incontinence. Wouldn’t it be horrible to be on the runway as an older model, only to face a bit of leakage?

Many mature models can now even model some of the sleekest dresses and pants suits because they are not bound by diapers and bulky pads. Belted undergarments provide all the absorbency needed to guard against anything showing through and sometimes those belts can even be mistaken for garters, which are still worn by some of the sexier lingerie models today!

Society Is Much More Forgiving than Ever Before

Finally, the point to remember is that society has become much more ‘forgiving’ than ever before. Today you will see big models, short models, older models and models from literally every part of the world. Today’s models don’t fit the traditional mold of what a model ‘should’ look like and many would even be classified as homely in other eras. It’s all about a presence each individual model is able to radiate and that’s what makes a model in today’s culture.

Regardless of age, height, weight, ethnicity and sometimes even looks, anyone can model today because society tends to embrace our differences. Mature models are in high demand and it doesn’t look as though the trend will end any time in the near future. That’s the beauty of mature models in today’s culture.

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