The 4 Steps to Planning the Perfect Picnic

Who doesn’t love a good picnic? Getting to breathe in the fresh air, have grass between your feet, wear modest summer dresses, play frisbee, and get to sit around with your favorite people and enjoy a nice meal, it’s all absolutely wonderful, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love a good picnic? While the idea of a picnic itself could technically be something that you could throw together at the last minute, you could even take it a step further. Why not fully plan it out so it’ll be a major success? Here is exactly how you can achieve that!

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Step 1 – Make a list of all the items you need and what type of food you would like to serve at the picnic

Gathering everything you want and need for a picnic has its mixes. It’s mixed between being difficult and easy. You can easily gather food and materials for it, but you also need to ensure you get the right stuff. Other than food that doesn’t melt or goes bad quickly, there are going to be some other things you simply cannot neglect either for the picnic. These all can include:

Picnic Basket or container


-Cutlery and eating utensils


-table clothe or picnic blanket



These are usually just the very basics for a picnic

Step 2 – Choose an Outdoor Spot

Whether this is your background, camping ground, or a public park, just pick somewhere you and your loved ones or friends will enjoy. You should be able to feel safe, not hear too much noise, and just have a good time overall.

Step 3 – Creating the Food & Beverages

One of the best things about having a picnic would be its simplicity of it. You could make a whole bunch of food, but it’s not even necessary. Something as simple as chips and a sandwich just wins the hearts of many during a picnic or even just some rose champagnes for the picnic. Really, go as complex or as simple as you want. You can even go as far as buying everything premade from a deli, as that can be a major way to take the stress off.

Step 4 – Find out when you can go based on weather conditions in your area

No one wants to rain on their parade, so why on a picnic too? Whenever you’re setting up for your picnic, such as choosing a date to organize it, make sure it’s during a season where it doesn’t rain often. This is going to make things a tad less stressful for you. Of course, no one can actually predict the weather, and even checking it on weather apps doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be safe.

The summertime is usually the best time and it’s often the season where you’ll be less likely to deal with rain. But by all means, just make sure you come up with some type of alternative or a Plan B if it decides to rain on your picnic. Just know that the weather doesn’t immediately need to dictate this little outing.

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