Take your photographing skills to the next level

It might sound silly at first, but being somewhat skilled at photography can, depending on your needs, improve your social life. As we all know, social networks have taken over a large portion of most people’s everyday lives. We spend more and more time browsing Facebook, checking Twitter, scrolling through Instagram. As it always is, some people are completely uninterested while others simply live through these networks.

Regardless of how much time you spend there or if you do at all, you’ve probably been on a social network once or twice and seen a photo or two taken. If you’re reading this article, chances are you love snapping photos left and right and are aware of the influence they can have on your image. While some might find it absurd, others are well aware of what an impact a good or a bad photo can have on any social media. After all, a vast number of influencers make living posting photos, therefore they must be doing something good.

If you care about your image (and, let’s face it, we all do, more or less), there are plenty of things you can do to improve it and steer it in a direction of your choosing but one is by far the easiest. Improving the quality of the photographs you take and post on your network is one of the best and fastest way to start. It can also be done right off the bat. You don’t need expensive, high-quality cameras just as you don’t need powerful computers and mobile devices to play those erotic games. Not to bash on expensive gear and professional photographers because they are on a whole different level, but for amateur photography, and even selfies, modern smartphones are more than capable of snapping a good pic. So much, in fact, that even pros sometimes mix the two up.

Now that we have established that what you have is enough, let’s take a look at what you can do to up your game because even the most oblivious amateur can tell a bad photo from a good one. Without delving deep into the matter, there are a couple of core principles to be aware of regarding composition.  Fill the frame and crop properly. If you need to focus on something, don’t have too much needless, noisy background inside. Try not to cut off limbs and other parts of your subjects unnaturally. Follow the rule of thirds, turn that grid on your phone camera and keep important things on those lines. Try to find natural frames and use them and also follow natural lines and shapes if there are some. Use that focus but, again, don’t overuse it. If there’s a background, keep it simple if it’s unimportant. Strive for patterns and symmetry. Create a feeling of depth by having objects at various distances. After all that, if you want to, use a filter that’s actually good, post a pic, and go back to playing family sex games.

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