Sweet Saba, candy pieces that resemble gold Rolexes and taste like Champagne

sweet saba

“Sweet Saba has candy pieces that resemble gold Rolexes but taste like Champagne for $10 each.”

They say perception is key. How we perceive something as individuals, determines our opinions and ultimately how we influence other opinion. Candy is a product that is predominately targeted to children as a sweet tastier treat for enjoyment. It can be found easily in located convenient stores, gas stations and even schools. Candy has been around in different variations for decades having the same target and purpose.

Can one change our perspective on candy, even change its target consumers? Sweet Saba, located in Manhattan, and made and attempt change perception of candy and who is it for.  Sweet Saba offers and extreme upgrade to dime store candy in the form of shimmering candy crystals that offer a perception of luxury. Maayan Zilberman, the founder of Sweet Saba offers her creations in swirls of bright colors looking like shards of rock-candy jaggedly contours for authenticity.

sweet saba

Jummy sunglass, lipstick, paper and pencil candy

Sweet Saba can be found only at a pop-up shop on the top floor of Fort Gansevoort in the meatpacking district. Offering a upscale boutique environment for its customer. By enhancing this perceived value Maayan is able to set higher price point then typical dime store pieces of candy. Sweet Saba has candy pieces that resemble gold Rolexes but taste line Champagne for $10 each. The business also offers candy packages of six for $8 and other products at 4 for $12.

Maayan Zilberman has shown us that you can take an old and historical product catalog, like candy, and reinvent it in a way that attracts a new audience and received a totally different perspective. Sweet Saba is both intriguing and fuels curiosity. Even as I write this article I am curious of the company and would like to try these extravagant candy items. The company’s’ curiosity has created a continual demand that is propelling the business as a whole.

sweet saba

Crystal candy in a spectrum of colors and flavors


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