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Have you ever wondered how the world would be like if you never have to plug your cell phone in to charge the battery? Have you ever wondered how it would be like too never plug in your laptop to charge it’s battery pack?

Tell us about your project
With Electricity Bills that keep on rising and kids who are growing older, the demand
for electricity in our house seemed to start cutting a larger slice out of the budget.
I looked at solar panels and installed a few at high price but the typical dark clouds and
long rain season, short winter days allows only for about a 20% contribution by solar panel
output. It did not really work out and payback was increasing well over 10 years.

Believing there must be something that will produce power 24hrs a day with minimum cost,
I started researching the internet.

I came across many many potential solutions for fee energy and formulated something out of all of
that – and it appears to be really a great innovation that I plan to take to market.

Can you tell us how Earth Ambient Temperature Resistant Electricity (ATRE) works?
An ATRB (Ambient Temperature Resistant Battery) is in fact a very simple
form of a galvanic battery with an external tank that contains an electrolyte
system. The battery is linked with anodes and cathodes that are made of the
same material, but in individual ATRB’s the anode and cathodes contact different
earth metals such as Aluminum and Fire-steel. This linked materials is called
contact electrification which only produce the electron path, as a potential. There
is no electron flow, just resistance which can be measured.
Linking individual ATRB’s creates the ATRB Cell that will react naturally with water
to produce a mometary voltage potential that can be measured as GHOST VOLTAGE.
Earth magnets are now brought into contact with the anode and cathode of all the
linked ATRB’s to form a electromagnetic array or antenna-like battery arrangement.
If one now mometarily could dip the antennae in water, a small LED would blink
for a second and dies of immediately. That voltage difference created between
linking the different metals and magnets is called the electromagnetic potential
of the ATRB Cell array and is a result of contact between heavily opposing metals.

The basics of electrical charge induced to a battery requires the voltage potential
of the charge to be larger than the voltage potential of the battery being charged.
The same principle applies to ATRB Cells, so one need to link enough ATRB’s to
create a larger potential that the potential of the battery bank. Linking many
ATRB Cells creates the ATRE Panel array. Linking many panels together creates the
ATRE Power Station or ATRE Charger.

The influence of magnetic fields on electron path is well understood. If excellerated
electrons are forced out of its natural path a charge is created. In the ATRE Panel,
we use a simple water plug to act as a water filter and we isolate a series of opposing
and attracting tiny magnets inside the water plug.
The plug material must be non conductive and filters only tiny tiny particles of water
through to make contact with a magnesium crystal that has layers of water soluable graphite.
The graphite and magnesium are strongly influenced by opposing magnetic force and molecules
tend to react polar in nature under these conditions.
Electrons present in water molecules attract naturally to the oxygen particle (also polar)
and excellerating these particles by magnetic force in the filter plug, the electron path
is distrurbed a slow electron build-up occurs in the crystal. This build-up of electrons
continue until all ATRB cells are equally charged, and one can physically lights up an LED
to test this phenomena.

The induced charge in the crystals will continue as long as water molecules filter through
the Boriat Plug at a rate consistent with the electron flow from the crystals to the conductor.
If one to balance this flow rate in the design of the Panel, an LED will burn permannently as
long as water are present in the Boriat Plug and physically makking contact (sweating) to the
magnesium crystal.

A form of free electrical current is created, using water as electrolyte.

What are the benefits of ATRE?
Have you ever wondered how the world would be like if you never have to plug your cell phone in
to charge the battery? Have you ever wondered how it would be like too never plug in your laptop to charge it’s battery pack? Have you ever wondered how it would be like not too dig trenches for electrical cables to power your house or power street lights in your city?

Those are some of the benefits ATRE Power Stations will bring to the world.

Now think of the environmenntal impact? Free clean energy from water.

What is your greatest hope in terms of solving the problem of climate change?
The mission for ATRE Power Systems is to be installed in everywhere, powering the lives of people
around the globe with minimal environmental impact. Together we can exploit and develop this
technology to something greater than mentioned here.

Where can our readers find you online?
My website featuring the history of ATRE Power Station development can be found at We plan to release our first crowdfunding campaign in February using as out first platform here at this link;

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