Successful Independent artist sold “burritos and hot dogs” to fund beginning music career. MUST READ!

Tell us about how you started your music career and how you actually began in this industry!

It’s funny because I started out with no clue how to become an artist, but I knew it required money so I started selling random things like burritos and hotdogs inside my high school. I even had a hot dog stand at a local grocery store, I had a nacho stand at local festivals, and booths inside carnivals where I sold everything from tortilla chips to my self-recorded albums. I had a special deal with the $1 store. They would sell me candles at .50 and then I would go sell them at $5 or put them in gift baskets and sell those for $10 going business to business. I saved my money and went and bought instruments, paid for websites, bought books to educate myself, and hired graphic designers and all of the things that were required to release my music. If it’s sellable and is legal, I’ve probably sold it.

We love that you took your career in your own hands and weren’t waiting on anyone else to do the work for you. How has that served you in your career?

It was the most valuable thing to learn how to do most things myself. Now by far, I don’t know how to do everything in the business, not even close, but I do know enough to have made a living for almost the last decade entirely off of music which is something I’m very grateful for and proud of. But it gave me a healthy understanding that PUTTING IN THE WORK, and making good decisions everyday towards your end goal is very important. I don’t expect anything from the world and I don’t believe anybody owes me anything. Instead, I believe if I want something, I have to produce it and take the steps necessary to make it happen. Too many artists think that just because they’re talented they deserve a career. I always tell everyone, just because you have a good cookie recipe doesn’t mean you deserve the bakery.

What are you currently working on creatively?

I just released my first single “After the Butterflies” off my upcoming Latin-Pop album “Spanglish”. I’m going back to my roots where I’m from in New Mexico, and incorporating the sounds, and words that we use back where I am from. 

You’ve made some pretty noteworthy collaborations for this project? Tell us about that!

For this particular album I’ve had some pretty amazing collaborations that I’m so excited about. And what is even more exciting, is that I have a history with every single person on the album back before they were even successful either which I think is so incredible. I collaborated with multi-platinum artist Baby Bash on the main single “Spanglish”. It’s funny because he was the very first artist I opened up for back when I was 18 years old in my hometown Roswell NM at a little skating rink. There must have only been 40 people at that concert and then he went on to sell more than a million records so it’s been awesome to see that happen for him.  I also collaborated with my friend Cesar Alan, who has also gone platinum as a producer and had more than a BILLION streams on Spotify. He produced most of my last album before he had ever had that success, and we collaborated again on a few songs for “Spanglish” as well!  And last, I collaborated with Frankie Moreno who holds the #3 record for most Billboard #1’s in the world of all time which is INSANE. He beat out Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and all of my favorite artists, yet he is an independent artist which is mind-blowing. I used to go see him perform in Las Vegas in small lounges when there would sometimes be 12 people in the room. He was always one of my top favorite performers so you can imagine how excited I am to have a lineup on this album whom have played a significant role in the history of my career and generally as friends. Best of both worlds!

This is all amazing and we are very excited to check out your album. Speaking of such. Where can we check it out?!?!

You can actually download my most recent song for free by going to

And you can follow me on Instagram at or @KristineMirelle

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