Style Guide: What to Wear With Gold Jewelry

Did you know that people have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years? Even though styles have changed drastically, some materials for making jewelry have stayed the same, including gold.

Gold jewelry is the perfect accessory for any occasion. But, before you start searching for gold jewelry online, you’ll need to learn some important tips for styling it. Doing so will help you make the right selection and choose pieces that fit your wardrobe.

So, keep reading to discover some tips for accessorizing gold jewelry!

Let Your Pieces Shine

One of the most important style tips for wearing gold jewelry is to keep your look simple. If you wear too many pieces, none of them will stand out. So, limit yourself to two or three gold accessories, especially if one is a statement piece, such as a large ring.

And, if you are wearing multiple pieces of jewelry, you’ll want to avoid patterned tops or scarves, as these detract from your accessories by creating a busy background. Instead, go for solid color blouses or dresses.

Pair With The Right Colors

After you purchase gold jewelry, you may find yourself at a loss for what to wear with it. However, you likely have several garments in your closet that will pair with gold nicely; it’s just a matter of knowing what colors to look for!

Here are some of the best colors to wear with gold!


Black outfits tend to look a little plain without the right accessories, but wearing gold is the perfect way to dress them up. You’ll also make your best gold jewelry stand out by contrasting it with black.

Emerald Green

Emerald is a warm color, so naturally, it looks stunning with gold jewelry. Plus, it’s the perfect shade for formal holiday events!


Like black, you can never go wrong with pairing red with gold accessories. It’s also the perfect choice for a date or special occasion when you want a daring look.


White is a go-to summer color, but some people have difficulty accessorizing it. If you have this problem, skip the silver jewelry and wear gold instead!

Dress For The Season

You can wear gold jewelry all year round as long as you know how to pair your pieces. Yet, gold accessories are most popular in the winter, especially around the holidays.

For a festive look, wear jewel-toned fabrics with elegant cuts along with your gold pieces. In addition, rubies, emeralds, and other precious gems pair nicely with holiday outfit ideas.

And, oversized sweaters look chic with gold jewelry and are ideal for more casual ensembles.

Look More Stylish Than Ever With Gold Jewelry

After reading this post, you can put together beautiful outfits that will surprise your friends and family during the holidays! But, of course, if you still need to buy gold jewelry, make sure you use a reputable jeweler so you can get good-quality pieces!

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