Stunning Two Stories Stacked Of White Stone Fireplace

The open floor plan with two-story large rooms is one of our most popular houses. Opening up space is undoubtedly a challenge, but it may also be an opportunity, which does not often cause a sensation inside the house. Immerse yourself in this incredible two-story fireplace with standard white stone countertops for floor-to-ceiling cladding.

In this project, you should first understand and appreciate scalability. This photo entered the room from the upper corridor and shows the height of this folding stone fireplace. We even looked at the fan. Although this makes the project more difficult, we think it looks best when mounted to the ceiling. For curtain rods like the one we saw in this project, cutting some short-cut corners on the wall in front of the stone looks great.

Some practical considerations for installing white stand fireplace masonry walls is sufficiently high rooms require scaffolding to be built indoors during the installation process. When using scaffolding, the installation will be a two or three-person project. During its viable “lifetime”, the tiler will usually stay on the scaffolding and be assisted by one or more assistants to make appropriate cuts, move new panel boxes for stacking, and mix new batches of glue as needed.

The weight of the stone is also an important factor that makes high-quality stone siding products very suitable for such a high installation. In this case, thin stone veneers, especially those that weigh less than 15 pounds per square foot and can be glued, are a good alternative to traditional masonry.

The details of the fireplace take shape. We are big fans of black fireplace paneling, not only because of the contrast between the color and the stacked white stone but also because of the slender linear design. An insert that can be complementary to the width of the fireplace and the horizontal width. The design of the rock slab itself: The TV that is not installed on top of the stacked stones is wired, and the built-in cabinet makes the room look very intimate, even in a room like this.

With the background of the fireplace as the background, we paid special attention to the extraordinary work done by the homeowner in the tone of the room. Starting from the slate centered on a white stone fireplace, the walls and sofas seamlessly merge into a very neutral environment. Choose white and cream. These neutral basic tones bring the decoration of chairs, carpets, pillows, and bedspreads to life. The layer and depth are very consistent with the finished product.

I feel honored for homeowners who are bold and challenging like floor-to-ceiling fireplaces. Our Rock Panel product is an excellent choice for this type of project because it is lightweight, easy to use, and can be installed on a variety of popular fireplace substrates. Whether your chimney is a low chimney, a high chimney, or no chimney, Norstone rock paneling and stone veneer products are worthy of your consideration for your next wall decoration project.

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