Stretching My Way Through Life With Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber

After hitting 25, I noticed that I started to experience more chronic back pain, even after not doing anything to have caused it. The back pain started to require my hips to overcompensate, and eventually led to hip pain and misalignment. I started to go to a weekly yoga class to help stretch out and strengthen the muscles that had begun to ache daily, in hopes that I could lead a more comfortable life again.

While talking to my yoga instructor about the daily aches and pains I was having, she told me about Baltic amber and how for centuries it had been used by communities to aid in such discomforts. I had heard of Baltic amber teething beads from a couple of my mom friends before, but I thought they were just something to help teething babies.

I asked her if she could send me any information about it and she told me she would but that she also had an extra necklace she could give me at next week’s meeting. I went home and read the articles she had sent me. For the most part they answered all of the questions I had. What is Baltic amber? How does it work? What can I use it for?

What Is Baltic Amber?

Baltic amber is found in countries bordering the Baltic Sea and have been used in the communities surrounding it for centuries. Amber is made from the sap of conifer trees that grow in the area, and once collected, is heated until it turns to resin, amber’s final form. Amber can either then be used as is, in its “raw” state, or by being polished and worn after.

How Does It Work?

When the amber is left unpolished, the succinic acid that resides in the oil of the amber can seep through it’s surface much easier than when it is polished, and then be absorbed into the bloodstream. Succinic acid is a medicinal component in amber that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and is also packed with antioxidants, making it the perfect immune booster.

What Can I Use It For?

For hundreds of years countries that bordered the Baltic Sea knew of amber’s magnificent healing powers, even if they couldn’t explain why it worked. They used it for many common day ailments, such as headaches brought on by stress, allergies, or a common cold. They even recommended it’s use for people who suffered from chronic joint and muscle inflammation or pain. Pregnant women have started using it today in replace of OTC medication. The possibilities are endless!

I met for my next yoga class and put the amber necklace on my ankle. From everything I had read, I was hopeful that this would be something that would bring back my quality of life. After the first few days, I noticed that while stretching I could go further than I ever had and it didn’t hurt. My range of motion had improved so much that I was able to complete a full class without any prop assistance.

I told my instructor about how great I was feeling, and she told me about her journey with Baltic amber and a broken back. Near and far, people rave about this “new” natural product on the market, but the fact of the matter is, it’s been around for centuries healing people of all ages from their everyday aches and pains.

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