Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone On Holiday


Having fun on holiday takes many forms. For some people it’s relaxing on the beach, for others it’s hitting the tourist traps, and for some more it’s indulging in the local food and street markets. However, for a select few it’s the more riskier things, like paragliding over Queenstown or swimming with jellyfish in Palau. When we hear about these things we can grit our teeth and shiver slightly, but we can also turn our minds to the question, ‘What if we did those things?’ So what can you do that will take you out of your comfort zone yet still keep you safe at the same time? Prepare for some holiday activities of a lifetime.



Climb a Mountain

The Earth’s face has spots too, and they really make taking a hike on holiday a challenge sometimes. There’s plenty of mountains in the world for people to try their hand at, and some are more famous than others when it comes to setting records and raising money.

It’s the highest mountain in Africa and has three volcanoes to its name: Kilimanjaro. One of the most famous mountains in the world, alongside Everest, climbing it really will make you on top of the world. So if you’re looking for the best route up Kilimanjaro, ask the people who have done it and conduct extensive research. Even if you’re an adrenaline seeker, you need to stay safe during these activities, for both you and others!

Heading to the far reaches of the south and the east brings you to many wonders that are relatively unknown in your homelands, and thus be prepared to step out of your comfort zone just at the thought of going along. It’ll sure be worth it for all the sights, smells, and sounds!

Go Underwater

It seems to be just human nature to be attracted to the mysterious, and there’s nothing that has that mysterious allure more than the ocean. People just love to get up close and personal to creatures that don’t seem to abide by the laws of physics, and being able to say you’ve swum with stingrays means you’ve got quite a few experience rights when you get back home.

However, it can be cute to do as well. Having a pod of dolphins around you as you dive down with a scuba mask on can really open you up to the natural world. Similarly, exploring coral reefs and seeing a turtle and her babies right in front of your eyes sounds like a dream. Even for a lot of sharks, whilst you need to be more experienced in knowing what to do, they’re not immediately dangerous, as experts have proved by giving them a quick scratch around the gills.

Travelling takes us there and back again in great comfort if we want it to, but sometimes it’s good to step away from this model. Take a chance on the trip of a lifetime next time you decide to go far away from home!


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