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Have you ever wondered how your star sign affects your personal style? I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently, so decided to look into it. Here’s everything I found out about each sign!



Pieces are known for being sensitive people, so that’s probably why their fashion choices aren’t that bold. As they are deeply influenced by their dreams and the spiritual world, expect them to wear dreamy patterns.


Aquarius are strong individuals who like to step away from the crowd from time to time. So expect to see some outlandish fashion choices from your Aquarian friends! Bold colors are preferred, and they love an eye-catching pattern.


As Capricorns can be quite serious, they always think long and hard about what they wear. Lots of Capricorns love to pore over fashion magazines for ages before they head out shopping. That way, they know all about the current trends!



This star sign loves being adventurous and is very much linked to animals. So expect to see lots of bold animal print in a Sagittarian wardrobe! As they are also very spontaneous people, they might have some regrettable clothes in their closet too!


Scorpios are very charismatic and love to be at the center of attention, so their clothes are certainly going to reflect this. As they are very level-headed and sensible, they know all about the importance of investing in clothes that are going to last a few seasons as well.


Very artistic people, Librans want to show off their creativity with their clothes. They also love beauty too, so their clothes are going to be of the highest quality!


When you read the Virgo love & relationship horoscope, you will see just how grounded this star sign is. Their clothes will be just as organized as well! You might even find that your Virgo friends have very neat, even color-coordinated closets!



Leos are very proud indeed so will want to make sure that they are always looking their best. As a result, you will often bump into them shopping at high-end stores, such as Gucci and Ralph Lauren. They won’t bat an eyelid at the sky-high price tags!


One of the most nurturing signs in the horoscope, Cancers prefer to wear soft and comfortable materials even if it means not wearing the most trendiest of outfits. After all, it’s much better to wear shoes that fit than to develop blisters, right?


This sign loves to be social, so there is no doubt that they will have the perfect party wardrobe all sorted! They will also have a lot of different accessories so that they can update their outfits on a daily basis depending on their mood.


Very practical, Taureans like to buy clothes that will suit more than one situation. So consider their day to evening look sorted!


Sleek and sporty is the name of the game for the Aries sign. That means they always look their best, even when they need to dress for a situation. Catch them off guard, though, and their fashion game might stumble.

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