Smooth as Silk: How to Get Smooth Skin

Did you know that you can control up to 90% of skin aging by taking into consideration factors such as sun exposure, proper diet, and hydration?

This is great news! It means you can start taking steps today for healthy and smooth skin. Check out these five tips for radiant, smoother skin to incorporate into your skincare regime.

1. Exfoliate 

One of the most classic ways to improve skin texture is to exfoliate. This process removes the excess dead skin cell on the top layer of your skin. While it’s beneficial to have a layer of these dead cells to protect your skin, a buildup leads to clogged pores and uneven skin texture and appearance.

You can exfoliate manually using a facial scrub 2 to 3 times per week. Another option is chemical peels, which is a chemical solution that removes the layer of dead skin cells. This procedure is more intensive and should only be done every 4 to 6 weeks. Learn more about chemical peels and the benefits.

2. Use SPF Moisturizers

You likely slather on sunscreen when you’re heading to the beach or for a day out in the sun, but what about daily sun exposure? Wearing SPF year-round helps to keep your skin healthy and smooth and protects it from sun damage.

An easy way to incorporate SPF into your daily skincare routine is to find a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 20. Most skincare brands have SPF ranges, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find your favorite

3. Add Retinol to Your Skincare Regime

Retinol has powerful and effective anti-aging properties to smoothen your skin and improve the overall appearance and feel. It’s a vitamin A derivative that stimulates collagen production.

The production of collagen helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles and lines, plumpening and firming the skin. When incorporating retinol into your skincare regime, start slowly with small amounts and increase it over time.

4. Stay Hydrated

Skincare tips don’t just include topical solutions, but also include caring for your skin from the inside out. If you want radiant, healthy skin and to even your skin texture then it’s vital that you drink enough water.

Adequate hydration increases your dermal thickness, making the appearance smoother and fighting inflammation. Make sure you get your 8 glasses of water in every day.

5. Get Enough Rest and Sleep

Stress and sleeplessness have grave effects on your physical body — and your skin, too. During sleep is when your body repairs itself and if you’re not getting enough rest, your body can’t do that properly.

For plump, fresher skin, make sure you get enough sleep and downtime every day.

The Road to Smooth Skin

Smooth skin doesn’t just happen overnight. You need to find the products that work best for you, take care of your diet, and hydrate. Remember to exfoliate regularly and try incorporating retinol and SPF into your daily skincare routine.

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