Revolution in eyelashes quick and easy with magic eyeliner


A natural look is nice, but sometimes it just needs something extra to take your look to another level. Do you want those gorgeous, long, shiny, glamorous lashes? Fake lashes that look beautiful, that can last with for a long time, that feel nice and stay in place? I found them! And you don’t have to look far for this because you can easily order online. With Lashine false eyelashes you can play with your eyes and make them look gorgeous. If you want natural looking lashes read on.

Lashine magic lash kit

Fake lashes that look beautiful, that can last for a long time, that feel nice and stay in place? I finally found them! Maybe you don’t like applying lashes because of the glue. Or did you ever try the fake lashes with heavy magnets? Easy to apply but just not comfortable to wear? If you don’t want to use glue or a magnet Lashine magic lash kit is the answer. These false lashes are quite long, yet subtle with beautiful, evenly thin lashes. Not all lashes are the same length, which increases the natural look. Also, the edge of the lashes is quite thin, which enhances the natural effect. The thin edge is not clearly reflected in the look because of the magic eyeliner that replaces glue or magnet. Lashine magic lash kit are available in synthetic lashes and mink fur lashes. They are easier to apply than traditional lashes and they also look better!

nora gouma, eyelashesI’ve tried the Lashine magic lashkit they are so easy to apply and look natural!

Weather proof eyelashes that are easy to apply

I am really in love with these lashes that are affordable but at high quality. They look so good and glamorous and are weather proof. In case it’s raining or windy outside you don’t have to be afraid that the lashes fall of. They are beautiful fake eyelashes, I have never seen such beautiful quality myself. The lashes have a nice curl but do not feel heavy despite the volume. The hairs are nice and natural which makes it blend nicely with my own lashes.

Lashine magic lash kits are reusable, safe for lens wearers and are easy to apply. All variants come with an included magic eyeliner. I think the packaging looks really nice. Pink, girly and of course with on the back of the cardboard packaging, photos explain how to apply the eyelashes.

magic eyeliner

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