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latex gloves

Latex gloves are widely used in medical procedures as well as for various household purposes. They are intended to provide protection against substances that are harmful to one’s skin. These gloves are available in various brands and sizes. There are some gloves that reach even up to the level of the elbow where as few others are quite short and they reach only to the level of the wrist. The latter type of Latex Gloves are mainly used in hospitals while handling patients.

The longer types are mainly used in areas where one is required to handle harmful substance that has the potential to cause skin infection as well as irritation. This type of gloves are much thicker and tougher compared to ones that are used for medical and domestic purposes in an effort to ensure maximum protection against potentially harmful substances. Mainly they are available in two varieties i.e. natural and the artificial type. The artificial latex gloves are a combination of traces of latex and materials such as vinyl and plastic. Since most of the people are allergic to artificial gloves, they widely prefer to use natural latex gloves.

Medical gloves are mainly chosen based on their length, thickness, abrasion resistance, temperature etc. Disposable gloves which medical professionals dispose after every single use can be a brilliant option. They come under the category of general purpose and examination gloves. Disposable general gloves can be used for food services, household and janitorial purposes. Since they are highly puncture and chemical resistant they have been the first choice of many medical practitioners. In addition to this they provide maximum comfort when worn.

Latex general examination gloves are usually powdered with corn starch. This makes them to be easily worn on hands. This type of gloves can be used for tattooing application. They are also available in many sizes. You can choose the size that ideally suits you. There are even allergy free latex gloves which are sold in the markets. They provide protection against skin allergies. Since this type of gloves is highly durable they are extensively used in medical facilities. Moreover, they provide excellent grip which makes it more comfortable for a medical practitioner to handle equipment during an intensive surgery or while a medical examination is being conducted on a patient.

Powdered Latex Gloves are highly recommended for those who are employed in industries, medical facilities or any other work setting where they are frequently exposed to harmful substances so that they will be able to prevent a lot of diseases.

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