Meet Zach Miko, the first plus size male model

zach miko

“Zach Miko is the male version of Ashley Graham who is the face of curvy women for IMG.”

IMG models recently introduced Brawn which is the first ever range for plus size men. They also signed Connecticut born Zach Miko as their first model. IMG is looking to give out a positive message with the Brawn division. President of IMG Ivan Bart claims that size diversity if something that is on everybody’s mind. Brawn just extends it into the male fashion industry.

Zach Miko is 6’6″ and has a waist size that measures 42 inches. This compared to the other male models of IMG with waistlines not exceeding 32 inches is a big step in the world of plus sized men. Zach has also been the face for Target’s big and tall clothesline. Being a man of big size, Zach says that he never imagined being approached by an agency that works with top designers and fashion magazines.

Ivan mentioned that the need to open up the agency for bigger men was from his personal experience of finding it difficult to shop for clothes for him. Miko believes that every individual is beautiful the way they are. By forcing people to lose weight and buy designer clothes is just not right. IMG has opened the doors to plus sized men and given them access to the top designer brands in the country.

By taking this step, IMG has created a new term for big and tall – it is called Brawn. Zach Miko is the male version of Ashley Graham who is the face of curvy women for IMG. While there are many brands that cater to plus sized men, they don’t have much variety and options. IMG hopes to provide plus sized men with options that would enable them to dress fashionably. IMG hopes that this step will encourage other brands to venture into the world of fashion for plus sized men.

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