MARILYN award winning hosiery brand

Whether you wear tights because it’s too cold to show yourself with bare legs, or because it looks nice and sexy: we women really can’t do without our beloved tights.

MARILYN embodies passion and the belief that tights are an indispensable complement to feminine elegance. They come in many different sizes, colours, prints and thicknesses. And for every moment another pair of tights comes in handy. Not to forget that this brand won the prestigious “Fashion Excellence” award twice.

MARILYN is the only Polish hosiery brand that has established cooperation with a famous person Italian designer Patrizia Gucci, representing the fourth generation of a famous Florentine family, exclusively for MARILYN, creates unique collections for modern women who appreciate sophisticated design and luxury.

Tights reflect a woman’s personality more than ever. They have become the starting point of an outfit and are no longer its practical extension. The MARILYN tights perfect your outfit.

Here is a guideline to choose the perfect MARILYN tights:  

#1 The darker your outfit, the darker your tights. This way everything stays in proportion and you get a more stylish ‘ton-sur-ton’ look.

#2 Your shoes should not be lighter in color than your tights. Go for a pair of darker shoes to keep your look stylish.

#3 The more skin you show from above, the more transparent the tights should be. And then we’re talking about the part above your hips. So with a v-neck, bare arms or a combination of both, transparent tights are the best choice.

#4 Open shoes? Then go for skin-colored or transparent tights. Tights that are too thick can quickly look a bit old-fashioned or frumpy.

#5 You should never see the ‘toes’ of your tights. Always wear shoes that are close to the toe of the shoe to prevent these kinds of problems.

#6 Thinner tights are always good. Chic occasion? Then make sure you stay below 30 denier. Preferably even under 20 denier. These tights can also be worn casually, although it can be a bit on the cold side in winter.

#7 Thicker tights above 30 denier are more suitable for days when it’s cold and you go for a casual look. These tights look especially good with ankle boots or high boots, and less so with sneakers or open shoes.


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