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The dream home is not a simple concept anymore. With different family sizes and lifestyle choices, you need to look for a home that will provide you with the ultimate satisfaction, catering to the needs of every member. Thankfully, nowadays, with innovation in home designing on the rise, we all have a wealth of options.

Choosing a Builder

Building your new home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life. Therefore it is important that you find a builder who will translate your desire into a house that you and your family will cherish forever. It is recommended that you research your builder’s past works and accomplishments. Look for builders with a diverse design portfolio, with a focus on customization. You want your house to have its unique elements too.

Building companies that are established in the local area are a safe bet. What better way to research home designs than finding out more about completed projects? This Client Home Tour: Shorehaven, Alkimos link describes how a family of four found their perfect home. Your idea of a dream home is only half-complete until you have seen all the possibilities. Get inspired by functional and aesthetic home interiors and robust innovative engineering.

Those who are still in the process of identifying the land for their home can reach out to a building company. The top builders share great relationships with developers, or are involved in large-scale development projects themselves, and will have extra sources of information on land blocks that have not been listed for various reasons. You can also leverage this expertise and network reach of your builder to find the right financiers for your new home.

Builders that offer land and home packages provide extra assurances that will help you save a lot. Some of these are a complete internal wall paint job, complete window furnishings, and boundary fencing.

A Physical Visit

Blueprints and 3D-models are all crucial in the house building process, but nothing can replace actually visiting a completed home for ideas. The top builders will have display houses for you to physically see the designs and craftsmanship.

Long-Term Considerations

The upkeep of a residential house can take up a lot of your resources. Homes are now built with sustainability and easy maintenance in mind. A lot of modern homeowners are looking at minimalistic designs and simple large spaces in their new properties. Builders also factor in the solar orientation of a plot before presenting a design, so you are using as much natural light as possible. Speak to your builder about your long-term concerns when it comes to maintenance costs.

Choice of Homes

3 and 4 bedroom single-storey homes are an ideal foil for your laidback, suburban lifestyle. You can explore many designs and templates and study floor plans online. Some of the main features would include the garage, open recreational area, living space, kitchen, bath and bedrooms. Two-storey homes allow you to utilize space efficiently. Those looking for bigger houses would also choose the multi-level option.

Demolish and Build

A lot of property owners choose the option of demolishing an existing home and building a new one. In a city like Perth, where lots close to the town centre are becoming rare, rebuilding old property has become an increasingly viable option. Demolishing and starting a completely new construction is not necessarily more expensive than renovation. Building on the same property also saves the homeowner money in terms of transaction costs – e.g. stamp duty and real estate facilitation fees.

Before the actual demolition of a property, there is a consultation with the builder regarding the costs. A site survey is done to evaluate the expenses on site works. A design model is shared with the owner, and once all the costs are approved, the demolition process can go ahead. The building company’s expert representatives can make approvals on your behalf during the demolition job.

The Advantages of a New Home

Many a time, when living in a rental or an older home, we compromise on the design front. With new homes, you start on a blank page and have total control over the details of the structure, from floor plan to interior decor and material choices.

Energy costs of a new home are much lesser than older buildings, as you will be using more innovative and modern fixtures. New homes made with lighter, more sustainable raw materials will reduce your energy bills. In the days of smart homes, a brand new structure can be better integrated with tech features than your older house.

Planning the space where you will spend the most joyful moments of your life needs a lot of careful thought. Take your time, and pour yourself into the details. Most importantly, choose the builder who would make this dream a reality.


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