Luxurious Essentials to Take on Your First Camping Trip

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Just because you want to embrace nature, it doesn’t mean you have to drop all your luxury items completely. If you’re wanting to say “no” to the idea of a glamping resort in the woods and prefer to go camping for real, then it’s good to be prepared with a few essential items to make it more comfortable.

Here’s a handful of items to bring that will make a camping trip more pleasant.

Camping Fans

The last thing you’ll want is to roast like a turkey at Christmas time when you go camping. While it’s not a resort that offers air-conditioning, there’s no reason that you cannot bring your own camping fan with you. Find out about which models are best at

A fan will keep your body cooler by helping to distribute the air to avoid hot spots. If you’re in an area with a few flies or mosquitos buzzing about, then having a fan going also helps to ward them away too. You’ll be grateful you brought one along.

Expansive Tent

The latest tents are fully enclosed but have awnings, so you don’t get blasted with the elements immediately when you unzip the door. There are usually multiple exits, which makes it easier to set up your own personal space away from the group if that’s what you prefer to do for part of your trip (or if someone is in a bad mood).

Just make sure that the tent you use is built to withstand the heat or cold weather you’ll be camping in. If you’re planning on doing some summer camping in high temperatures, then check whether your tent model is a good option for that. Similarly, camping when temperatures drop steeply at night requires a tent that keeps the warmth inside better than a summer tent does.

Camping Mattress & Sleeping Bag

A camping mattress provides a padded surface between you and the canvased floor of the tent. While a sleeping bag certainly has some padding, you can still usually feel the hard ground beneath if you don’t have something else acting as a buffer. A mattress designed for camping is that buffer and is totally luxurious for your back.

The sleeping bag should be a modern one, as their ability to keep your body warm and stay hypoallergenic has massively improved over the last few years. There are different sleeping bags depending on the warmth required. You want to get one that’s right for the camping conditions, so you don’t wish later that you bought one that was warmer (or cooler). And don’t forget your pillow too!

Camping Chair

Luxurious camping should also include a camping chair to avoid sitting on the ground. There are all kinds including well-padded ones with a headrest and a foot stand too. A cup holder is definitely a must-have feature to avoid having to keep leaning forward to pick up your relaxing cup of tea or juice.

A cold box for storing drinks isn’t a bad idea either. It will certainly stay cold for a reasonable period and help to keep food fresher and drinks cooler. Beyond that, pitching your tent in accordance with the sun’s position will keep it warmer on colder days or under shade for cooler indoor temperatures on hotter days.


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