Lighting Tips for Small Bathrooms

small bathroom

A small bathroom definitely means some compromising but not so much that you have to say goodbye to all of your ideas. Yes the limited space is a bummer, but there is so much you can do with those dimensions as well. There are several top brands such as Access lighting, Techlighting, etc that manufacture bathroom lighting. You can get inspired from those brands.

Here are some small bathroom lighting options:

Ceiling Lighting

small bathroom

One of the first areas to install lighting in the bathroom is the ceiling. Ideally, you should use sealed dome lights as they lay flat against the surface. Nowadays, you get a vast range of styles, designs, and colors to choose from.

Recessed Lights

If you want more of functionality, which is a common requirement in the bathroom, opt for recessed lights. Not only do they take up less space, but they hardly require maintenance if you install LED bulbs. Most importantly, it provides sufficient light for different tasks in a small bathroom. Please ensure you plan the layout of recessed light fixtures carefully.


small bathroom

This type of lighting is a brilliant solution for small bathrooms. You will notice that wall spotlights are often placed on the sides of the mirror for extra illumination during shaving or makeup application. Rose lights are also in demand as they are simple to install and come with 2 to 4 spotlights attached.

Track Lighting

Track lighting can be very interesting if used properly in small bathrooms. You have the choice of taking your pick from various styles such as linear, complete kits, and monorails. It is best to stick to track lights with 2 to 4 lighting options, when it comes to limited spaces.

Pendant Lights

If you are searching for trendy and functional, you will hit the nail on the head with pendant lights. They can be quickly installed and you can select the length as per your preference and specifications.

LED Uplights

Since numerous homeowners are choosing LED uplight bulbs, why don’t you give it a go as well? It can make the space look really alluring! These uplights have their base on the floor, which creates a contemporary and enigmatic vibe. LED lights are also practical, consume less power, and cost-effective.

Last but not the least, go easy on the number of décor elements – in this case less is more. However, it is advisable to hang a large mirror as it reflects more light and gives the illusion of the bathroom seeming bigger. Ready to shop for some exciting new lighting solutions?


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