Lia Kees Czech media star launches her new project

model, Lia Kees

In 2016 Lia Kees wоn the Mіѕѕ Eurоре beauty contest. As a professional model, Lіа Kees travels the world аnd wоrkѕ wіth amazing international brands.

Lia Kees is the new czech media star, she is an ambassador of bodywraps Hollywood slim program and she has many offers for international brands. Her new project is For woman that wants to be successful like Lia Kees and start their own fashion business. During the model weekend you will discover the best styling, makeup techniques and posing. You will be introduced to the leading industry experts like photographers and media representatives.

Lia is known as Miss Europe 2016 and has been working as a model for 7 years and is looking forward to more success in the year of 2018! Follow her on Instagram:

Lia Kees, model

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