Le Petit Tresor Korean beauty box treats for skin and soul

Korean beauty box

Spoil yourself with the goodness of Le Petit Tresor Korean beauty box!

Did you know that Korean beauty culture has the most influence on today’s global beauty industry? From the BB cream to the famous ghost masks and the ‘double cleanse’ method: Korean beauty is more popular than ever. The use of innovative natural ingredients in Korean beauty products will make your skin glow!

Your face is most exposed to all kinds of radiations that can damage your skin every day, so give your face the attention and care it needs so that it stays fresh, young and protected longer.

Le Petit Tresor brings the most innovative facial care and cosmetics directly to your door. Top selling and high end products that are high rated in beauty talk shows in Korea. The products are full sized skincare or makeup products, so no small samples! After you purchase the Korean beauty box you will get the products delivered to your home address on a monthly base.

Sui Cen Teng is the Co founder of Le Petit Tresor. Her idea of delivering the Korean beauty box project is generated from the joy of receiving a parcel at home! She finds herself a very indecisive person when it comes to buying makeup products, and only managed get one eyeliner after standing more than an hour in front of the makeup stands and consultation with friends via phone calls and texts also trying the products and getting her hands dirty. So anyone who doesn’t want to stand in line and just want the best products delivered treat yourself with Le Petit Tresor!

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Korean beauty box

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