Jet Set Travel Fashion Tips

jet set travel

In the words of Virginia Postrel, “Glamour invites us to live in a different world. It has to simultaneously be mysterious, a little bit distant /…/ It is all about transcending this world and getting to an idealized, perfect place,” and your jet set travel is the perfect occasion to shine and grab the spotlight that was rightfully yours anyway.

jet set travel

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To help you pack for your jet set holiday, we’ve put together a list of essentials you need to consider prior to opening up your suitcases:

Jet set travel Pack dresses… and a lot of them

jet set travel

The most versatile item in women’s wardrobe, a dress, is a life-savior for every glam girl that’s traveling during the summer months. Chic, romantic and flattering (for the most part), the right type of dress will accentuate your figure and allow you the much needed touch of glam through the use of accessories, shoes, accents, makeup and your hairstyle. Plus, dresses are generally easy to pack so you won’t have to worry about the lack of space! Consider shorter dresses during the day when you’re attending casual lunch gatherings, extravagant yacht birthday parties or romantic day wine dates, and wear maxi dresses at night when you need to glam things up. Prints work beautifully for daytime gatherings, while single-color options look incredibly glamorous, attractive and stylish at night.

Imagine yourself walking the streets of Paris wearing a tastefully sheer, silver maxi dress, with an open back and glitzy stripes; the outfit is paired with an elegant see-through sandal heel, with your hair down in waves and a Chanel clutch. You’ve got a pair of diamond studs in your ears, just a little bronzer on the cheeks and some lip gloss on the lips for freshness. Don’t you look amazing? Yes, your date, picking you up in that jaw-dropping limo, thinks so too.

Imitate celebrity comfort

jet set travel

As glammed up athleisure wear got extremely popular among the rich, everyone welcomed it with a warm embrace; these days, we’re seeing celebrities everywhere looking impeccably stylish even going to the airport, let alone on a jet set vacation! Learn from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Alessandra Ambrosio, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and other major glitterati who wouldn’t leave their leggings behind even if their life depended on it! Do know that being a part of a jet set traveling adventure doesn’t mean sitting in a gown all day long, especially if you are staying for an extended number of days. To the rich, glamour is on the inside as much as it is on the outside. Wearing the perfectly fit women’s sports leggings upgraded with a loose, cotton shirt rich in texture, a wide brim hat and comfy summer sneaks as you go on your daily hike at the marina will give out the impression you care for your health as much as you do for your glamour.

Rely on accessories for the glamorous upgrade

jet set travel

Photo by Shianne Morales on Unsplash

Proper accessories make all the difference for any outfit, especially the one you want to look incredible in. Your luxury vacation is the perfect time to pull out the accessories that are too dramatic and too out there to be worn on regular days. Embellish your evening outfit wearing any of those bling necklaces and diamond watches you own or the beautifully excessive earpieces and enviable rings! Beach time is no occasion to drop the glam, so make sure you pack a hat with an oversized brim (à la Marilyn Monroe) and huge statement sunglasses (à la Jackie O) for days when channeling Brigitte Bardot’s laid back chicness is the vibe, and bring a hairband and a pair of white shorts to show off those toned legs. Wear a sparkly, tasteful hairpiece here and there for a little romance. The proper type of accessories is the perfect finish to any outfit during your jet set travel trip.

Pants are okay – as long as they are loose

jet set travel

If you’ve ever walked down the French Riviera, you’ve seen incredible-looking women that, at the same time, look effortlessly chic and overdone. Imitate the style by copying their obsession with high-waist pants with a bell leg and embellished finishes. The bigger the pant bell, the bigger the chic; the tighter the waist, the more elegant the ensemble. Golden buckles, pleated belts, silk blouses tucked in – it’s all about the daring, glamorous look. Try it!

As you can see – unlike any other type of vacation, a luxurious escape requires drastically different type of packing. If you’ll be spending your time drinking cocktails on yachts, attending glamorous celebrity galas, and lounging around a 5 star hotel, rubber flip flops and capri pants won’t do, will they?



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