James Pratt, Bai Ling, Emmanuel Kelly among iHollywood Film Festival Winners

The iHollywood Film Festival this year closed its 3-day festival by announcing winners live from the Women’s Club of Hollywood in California with guests, including, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Pink Floyd’s Scott Page,  actor Patrick Kilpatrick and SAG-AFTRA Vice President Billy Holden.

The festival saw a record number of entries from across the globe with winning films offered distribution on Prime Video (Amazon) through TriStar Continental Distribution. The judging criteria consisted of a shortlist of finalists judged by a panel of influential figures within Hollywood. Winning films this year included, The man they called a young genius, master swordsmith Yoshikazu Yoshihara. Winning Best Documentary, Our Neighbors Shadow Winning, Best Feature Film and, The Salon Winning, Best Series.

Actress Bai Ling (Star Wars) was the Winner of the International Icon Award, Rachel McCord (American Heiress) Won the Influence Award and actor James Pratt (Conversation Hollywood) Won Best Audio Presenter.

Randy Madden and Izzie High on the red carpet at the 2021 iHollywood Film Fest in Hollywood, California

Other standouts included the world premieres of “The Original Charvel Gang” winning Best Hollywood Musical Documentary and “Katie, Cuty, Ashu and the Funny Mouse”. Best COVID-19 Created Mini Movie–Bandwidth, “Directed By” for a behind the scene look at the Academy Awards.

Before the evening was over, Chris Martin (Coldplay) Honored Emmanuel Kelly when he won the iHollywood Film Fest award for inspiration saying, “Emmanuel Kelly is such a wonderful man. He is someone who celebrates and encourages diversity and inclusion of all kinds of people all around the world. He’s someone I look up to and admire so much. 

Emmanuel was joined in his music video “Never Alone” with Chris Martin, Demi Lovato, Terrence Howard, J.K. Simmons and Elisabeth Moss

It was a welcome return to live film festival events with ihollywood offering both a virtual option and in person experience. Virtual passes were available online for those around the world wishing to experience the festival consisting of a total of 54 films with rare interviews from award finalists prior to their films being screened. The final night then offered a live red-carpet awards night in Hollywood to close the festival which was covered by Getty images aimed at giving people a chance to experience the live and network within the industry.

The iHollywood Film Fest was created by Joyce Chow and Catherine Rhee in 2020. It is the next series of film festivals created by Joyce Chow, the co-founder of the Brentwood and Pacific Palisades International Film Festival and Palm Beach International Mini Movie Film Festival. www.iHollywoodFilmFest.com

 Bai Ling, Rachel McCord and James Pratt were winners at this years iHollywood film festival

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