Jacob and co Astronomia Monopoly watch

Alec Monopoly, watch

Jacob & Co collaborated with the street artist by the name Alec Monopoly and produced the famous Astronomia Alec Monopoly timepiece.

The Jacob & Co Astronomia Monopoly Watch

The Astronomia Alec Monopoly timepiece is a limited edition collection with a display case of Canvas for the art made by Monopoly. It has also used several of his iconic creations from the graffiti world. The miniature pop characters representing his repertoire include a dollar sign, Scrooge McDuck, and the monopoly man.

To know more about the Jacob & Co Astronomia Monopoly Watch, read on!

Characteristics of Jacob and co Astronomia Monopoly watch

Four money-themed figurines rotate around the face of the watch. They include;

  • Alec Monopoly interpretation
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Mr. Monopoly
  • Dollar Sign

Alec Monopoly interpretation

The interpretation is of Alec himself, with his arms spread into money wings while donning a mask.

Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck is the character represented as a wealthy Donald Duck from the comics.

Mr. Monopoly

The character is from the board game. He is represented while holding a melting pink dollar-sign ice-cream cone.

Dollar Sign

The dollar sign is in red, and it is painted on the side with various bright colors.

All of the four figurines are hand-sculpted, cast in gold, and finished by hand.  The case is of 18k rose gold and an extremely domed sapphire crystal.

Everything that is observed through the dial actually rotates. The movement shows time through a satellite subdual meant to stay upright always.

There is also a double-axis tourbillon escarpment that lies on the opposite end. The hand-lacquered globe that rotates and the spherical diamond with 288 facets are held by the other two arms.


The Jacob & Co Astronomia Monopoly Watch is a limited edition that has only nine pieces in the market. Its price ranges at USD 600,000.

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