Is It A Good Idea To Get Breast Implants?

We believe that getting breast implants are definitely worth it. We will now look at 10 reasons why this is the case.

1. Getting Breast Implants Are Safe With Few Potential Complications

The procedure to get breast implants is quite safe and there are very few side effects or potential complications. The biggest risks are infection based complications, issues with wound healing or the accumulation of blood in the area. With that said, once you use a professional and experienced plastic surgeon, then these risks are extremely low and you’d likely have a very safe surgery. Find breast augmentation surgery near me and ensure that you are using a qualified surgeon.

2. They Last A Long Time

When you get breast implants, they are there for the long term and they aren’t a short term change. In many cases, the majority of breast implants can last as long as 10 to 15 years. There are some breast implants that can last your entire life. Your doctor will have to regularly check your implants to ensure that they don’t have issues, get ruptured or if they should get replaced.

If you choose to get saline breast implants, you will immediately know if there is a rupture or if there is any issue where the implant would need to be removed and replaced. This is important because when this type of implant ruptures, the saline gets absorbed by your body. If you choose to get silicone breast implants, you may not know when a rupture has occurred. However, an MRI will reveal if this is the case so that your doctor can replace it.

3. Increases Confidence & Self Esteem

Next, another huge benefit of getting breast implants is that they will drastically increase your self confidence and self esteem. The women who typically want to get breast implants usually feel unhappy with how their breasts look, the size, shape etc. So, by getting breast implant surgery, this problem is immediately addressed.

4. It Is Easy & Fast To Recover From Breast Implant Surgery

It will take you some time to recover after you’ve done breast implant surgery. However, this is quite fast and easy. You will feel a bit of tightness in the area and a bit of discomfort for 1-2 days after you’ve completed the surgery. However, after a couple of days have passed, you’ll feel back to your normal self.

After 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery, you can return to work and your everyday activities. After 4 to 6 weeks, you can return to intense exercise or physical activities.

5. Provides More Wardrobe Options

Unfortunately, if you have small breasts, then there are some clothes that you may be unable to wear. For example, you may want to buy a shirt but when you try it on, you’ll see that it fits well around your torso, however, it hangs in the chest area. If this is a common problem for you due to your breast size, getting breast implants can definitely help to increase your wardrobe options quite significantly.

6. Obtain Breasts & Nipples That Are Symmetrical

If you have symmetry issues with your breasts where one is bigger or smaller than the other, then this can cause a lot of issues. It can wreak havoc on your self esteem and you may even have issues finding suitable bras. However, when you get a breast implant, both of your breasts would be perfectly symmetrical. Due to the surgical precision of your plastic surgeon, they would ensure that both breasts are perfectly identical. They will also ensure that your nipples are also symmetrical. The surgeon will also do corrections on your nipples in addition to your breasts.

7. Avoid Compensation Due To Having Smaller Breasts

Many women with smaller breasts tend to buy push up bras in order to provide more cleavage and enhance their breasts. However, this may not provide the look you’re trying to achieve. Additionally, you would still have your breasts that you’re unhappy with when you remove your push up bra.

However, when you do breast implant surgery, you don’t have to use push up bras or employ other strategies to enhance your breasts. Breast augmentation is a permanent solution to your problems.

8. Looks Natural

There are many women who think twice about breast augmentation because they don’t want to get negative attention. Many are often worried that their breasts will look unnatural or attract too much attention. However, when you hire the right plastic surgeon, they will provide the best advice so you don’t have to worry about these issues. A good doctor will assist by recommending the correct breast size and shape according to your current body type, height and shape.

With that said, people will notice a difference, however, this will be a subtle change. You will gain positive attention and this will be on you and not only your enhanced breasts. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to tell anyone that you got breast implants if you don’t want to.

9. Regain Size & Shape You May Have Lost

There are many women who don’t want to improve their breast size because they never had much, but there are also women who simply want to regain the breast size they previously had and lost. For example, there are many women who lose a lot of weight and this causes them to lose a lot of breast size. Even though they would not want to gain more weight, they still miss their full breasts.

Thanks to breast augmentation, it is possible to gain full breasts while keeping a slim waist. In some cases, drastic weight gain and weight loss may be due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. These not only result in smaller breasts but also cause them to sag in a way that they never did before. If this is your problem, you can do a Mommy makeover along with breast augmentation and even a breast lift. This can help to make your breasts much fuller and improve their shape.

10. Makes You Feel More Feminine

If you’ve had a mastectomy, then getting breast implants can make you feel more feminine and womanly. Beating breast cancer is certainly an impressive feat, however, the loss or reduction in your breasts can negatively impact your confidence. This is further worsened if you’ve also suffered from hair loss due to chemotherapy. One way you can deal with these issues is to get breast augmentation and regain control over your body so you can feel like the woman you truly are.

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