Interview with the founder of VERXE, seamlessly merging high fashion and fitness

VERXE is the perfect fit for fast-paced urban lifestyle.

For those who prefer to sit on the couch than go to the gym, wearing beautiful, quality active wear can offer that extra helping hand. But, even if you do like to work up a sweat, you feel better when you wear a nice outfit. During exercise you can of course choose to put on sweatpants and a T-shirt. Although an outfit like this one does the job, I recommend wearing a beautiful sports outfit while exercising and quality breathable materials.  

This is why I’m so excited to interview the founder of VERXE. This chic athleisure brand has a great collection of active wear. Beautiful and high-quality fitness clothing made in such a way that it is as little in the way as possible during exercise. Great sports items in which you want to be seen in the gym, yoga studio or any other sports activity to get the best out of your workout. VERXE will make you feel confident, strong and beautiful in your sportswear. Read the interview to find out more.

How did you started your brand and what is your source of inspiration?

When I chose to start leading a healthy lifestyle, hiring a PT and purchasing activewear was the priority. And, just wearing my different collections everyday to my sessions gave me the comfort, right support, confidence & motivation to workout more efficiently. As I got more into it, I saw the difference of choosing the right wear to wear to different fitness sessions, like to yoga, gym, boxing, dance, pole dances and more. In all that, I liked the variety of fashion available and I realised the importance of the right wear for the right sport, and want to share this, hence to why this brand was born. The mission for this brand is to encourage & motivate fitness whilst building body confidence and dressing up fashionably. Seamlessly merging high fashion and fitness, VERXE is the perfect fit for fast-paced urban lifestyle. But not forgetting creating body confidence doesn’t stop at just activewear, we have brought a selection of Fashion & Swim Wear, to complement the after activewear times, the casual days & fashion altogether.

Could you tell us what’s behind the name “Verxe”?

To be honest, the name Verxe (pronounced verk-si) was created to rhyme with #sexyverxe, our main hashtag for the brand. The brand has been built with the idea of the brand being a Bold & Fashionable ActiveWear brand which also carries a range of fashion & swim wear.

What kind of fabrics do you opt for? Performing and fashionable fabrics

All activewear are made using a variety of performing fabrics, like Nylon, Spandex, Polyester, Bamboo and more. Each material is assessed with the moisture management and breathability. The feel & fit is also important, hence to the variety of designs & styles to fit everyone’s different comfort level. It’s always good to know how the actual fabric of activewear affects different way of sweat and hot air affect to the clothes.

Active wear is a booming market any upcoming projects?

Activewear is definitely a booming market, as there has been an increased demand in the health & wellness industry. This pandemic COVID-19 event has also resorted to many home workout popularity, which has definitely helped with the boost of this brand. VERXE has seen an increase in demand for men’s selection too, which we are in planning to introduce in the near future.

What are some of the bestselling pieces?

Few of these selections from our ActiveWear & Loungewear specially, has been our bestsellers in the past 2 months:

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