Interview with race car driver Richard Chlad

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Why you started to participate in racing and when did you start?
Racing was always my hobby also I like cars and everything that smells like gas. When I was a child my family wasn’t rich enough to support me with the necessary funds to start racing life to the fullest.
That’s why I could start my racing career when I reached the age of 32. When I already had my business and my company and made some extra money which I could use for my free time.

What was your first race car?
My first race car was a Ford Fiesta XR2i, I did a six seasons racings in the Ford Fiesta cup which was organized by ford motorsport alliances together with Antonin Charouz racing systems. The first two races were a disaster for me because my qualification time wasn’t good enough to participate in-between 36 other racer cars.

Do you think you are a good and successful racer and what means success in racings to you?
Yes, I think I’m, to the fact of many successful racings seasons, I became a very experienced driver. And this is also the reason why I got the skills to avoid any accidents in a normal day life, where I came to the situations where I definitely used those experiences from a race track.

What was your Biggest success?

in 2011 me and my friend Marcel Kusin, Michael Rugolo and Nikola Cadei we won a complete 6 hours racing – Epilog in Brno. In 2012 on Ferrari f430 gt2 we got a second place in serial FIA CEZ category endurance, together with my 19 years old son – which is also a very good driver till now, one of the best in Europe! we finished again on the second place in endurance in season 2018 with Audi R8 LMS ultra in GT3 category

It’s very well known you are collecting sports cars. why are you doing that? And are you planning to buy some new pieces for your amazing car collection?
Because for me it’s the connection between pleasure and good investment. I’m focused now on supersports limited editions of the super sport cars, I started with collecting before the year 2000 and today the investment grew up in the stream of 100procent.

Im thinking of buying a buggati Chiron.

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