Interview with Buddha trends, modest clothing for free spirited women

Comfortable & unconventional fashion based on Buddhist philosophy

Tell us about your company
We focus on serving free spirited women and modest clothing. Our concept is based on Buddhist philosophy (collection are mandala, lotus and nirvana) And items related to these collections are also related to these themes. We also offer a large variety of overalls for women:

In what way does your brand stand out from the pack?
We introduce new and innovative fashion items without compromising in comfort. Comfortable and modest clothing don’t have to be boring and can be fashionable.

What is the philosophy behind your brand?
We celebrate diversity and have clothes from different parts of the world including Europa, Asia and Africa. Our team consists of different types of people and this is reflected in the brand with a wide range of styles.

Where can readers find you online?
Visit our website or follow us on social media

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