Radhaa Nilia wins Goddess Activations™, and Goddess Code™ trademark after years of fighting for both.

This is a massive win for Goddess Code Academy. It took many years of patience and persistence refiling for the paperwork with her lawyer. Her lawyer informed her that there was a big company that had blocked her from moving forward and suggested that she change the name and give up the trademark. But Radhaa kept her faith and vision for the Academy and kept reapplying even though it took years for it to finally go through.

Now Radhaa is excited to re-launch her programs at Goddess Code Academy this Fall 2020.

“This has been my dream to ensure the safety of my Academy with a solid foundation so students could have stability in their Certification Programs. I worked hard to get these trademarks from the United States patent and trademark office, to make the Academy the highest caliber of its kind. Even though I’ve easily spent six figures building this Academy, I know so many women will benefit. I believe in this sacred work, and I am proud to share it with the world in a bigger way. Although it’s been frustrating at times, and I’ve had moments of wanting to give up getting my trademarks, I persisted because my work has helped so many women already in my private practice. I knew this would empower many more. The invaluable lessons I learned in persisting paid off.”

Radhaa Nilia, founder of Goddess Code Academy. She believes that there’s never been a better time for women to be empowered with their intuition and healing gifts.

Goddess Code Academy is a mystical school for the divine feminine, offering certification programs, healing, training, and personal coaching. Goddess Code Academy is proud to be the official home of the Goddess Activations™ and Goddess Code™ signature programs.

With a background in producing, Radhaa has previously worked in the entertainment industry in Hollywood before pursuing her deep dive into the healing arts. Seeing how distressed many peers in this field were, she felt the calling to be of service and pursued training in over a dozen healing modalities and coaching. Radhaa was later invited to work with her healing offerings to actors, producers, and entertainer lawyers on the studio lots which she was happy to be of service.

Radhaa started as a Theta Healer, then advanced to Theta Healing Instructor for Basic and Advanced Training. Once she started, she was hooked. Radhaa never stopped learning. She spent all her extra time, weekends, and money learning new healing techniques and eventually became certified in over a dozen various healing modalities. From the start she got clients without ever advertising and it spread like wildfire. She was booked back to back in the entertainment industry. A hair stylist would tell an actor, and an actor would tell a producer, a producer would tell a writer, a writer would tell a lawyer. This is how it all began. And while working with clients, she discovered Goddess Activations™.

On working with clients, Radhaa says:

“It’s the most humbling and rewarding thing I have done. Being in Hollywood and through word of mouth, I ended up working with many celebrities. I realized that rich and famous people are just as tormented as anyone else, with many issues to deal with. Money doesn’t make anyone happier; it only makes you more physically comfortable. Although that’s important, one must understand it’s the wholeness of one’s being that matters more than anything else in this world.”

She added: “I opened myself to more profound compassion. I understood that humans go through far more than they could ever express. People carry so much pain within. It becomes a heavy burden. Trauma is inherited seven generations and beyond, much like epigenetics. I think this concept will be studied in the future, and scientists who work with spirit will be able to understand how trauma is passed down in the human DNA. When a client starts to heal these patternings, it can help free up entangled energy.”

It takes a brave person to look inwards and trust their healing process. And it’s essential to find the right match when working with a practitioner.

Radhaa believes that each person is unique and must resonate with the energy of the healer of their choice. “In my personal experience, I believe healing is a lifelong journey. And that is why I worked so hard in creating a solid foundation. I’ve put over a decade of hard work and dedication, learning and refining my practice to create the best results for my clients. My clients and students have been delighted with this work.”

Here’s what people are saying about working with Radhaa:

“Radhaa is truly a Goddess, and I keep evolving since the course of our sessions. We are blessed to experience her healing and love. Don’t hesitate to move forward with Radhaa. She’s the real deal. ‘Oh my goodness, I just birthed my cosmic self with Radhaa today.’ The experience was magical, playful, the rainbow’s colors, glitter, gold, and gorgeous. She was loving, knowing, wise, warm and a natural guide. I feel blessed and forever transformed. A day we’ve been long awaiting. The drawings I do today will be dedicated to Radhaa and her divine gifts. Don’t wait to experience Radhaa, a golden goddess of love and light. She is simply divine and miraculous.” – Val Cripps, Artist, Marina Del Rey, CA

“Wow, Radhaa is a gifted healer and coach! My biggest block has been around, not acknowledging my inner child and thus fully healing my inner being. She was able to tap into that, noticed it and helped me open up more fully to releasing and healing areas that I had been unaware of. Only healers with a very high vibration can affect my energy, and she is of that caliber. Radhaa is a woman of very generous spirit who I am so grateful for sharing her remarkable gifts with me.” – Dana Kalin Narayanappa, Success Coach, Arizona

“I can only see more healing coming out from our coaching/ healing sessions together with Radhaa. This is what I’ve wanted for so long! Thank you so much for being there for me even at the last minute before the court, it provided the perfect time. I know it is my calling to help other women go through this type of experience, and I will be singing your praises. Thank you again, and I can’t wait to work with you more on the ‘father wound’ in the next program. I was blown away by the simple yet profound connection that you came with concerning my father and my relationships. I love that you helped me go even deeper into healing, something that has been with me for most of my life.” – Love and gratitude, Disa, Mom, Los Angeles

Goddess Code Academy is the home of the ancient Goddesses for the modern woman. Ready to manifest your purpose, heal your heart, and connect with your inner Goddess? Visit Goddess Code Academy.

Q: So, what exactly are these Goddess Activations™?

A: Goddess Activations™ are a living light energy transmission filled with pure Goddess Code™ frequencies. But let me explain it further. You are a Goddess manifested in a human form. And that sleeping Goddess template lives within you. She’s always been there, dormant, waiting to be awakened and activated. She is your superpower that guides you through time and space.

Similarly, the planets and stars orbit around the sun without our understanding that this divine force moves us too. Goddess Activations™ is the power to create your reality through manifestations, joy, and abundance. It’s bringing more light and love in your cells, in your heart, in your consciousness. It’s activating your highest potential to create your destiny. It releases outdated belief systems and victim mentality, so you have more space to create. It awakens new creativity, upgrading your frequency and operating system within you while trusting your inner navigation. It unleashes your power and inner truth using your voice to express without limitation.

My signature Goddess Activations™ Program works with a series of Ancient Goddesses for you to learn how to access them, to activate this power within you. My program contains rituals, how to connect with the Goddesses, what stones or crystals work with each Goddess, understanding the symbols related to them, prayers, healing and Goddess Activations™. Through the program, one learns about each Goddess and their gifts and abilities. You will learn how to create the sacred living space where their presence is honored and invited. One has to be open to receive the blessings of a Goddess. It’s creating your sincere relationship with the Goddesses. And when you truly learn about these Goddesses they become your allies and you can access their energy at any time.

At Goddess Code Academy, Goddess Activations™ we offer a complete step by step program that is easy to access and understand. It’s filled with sacred teachings and healings. All the work I’ve done already and all you have to do is receive it. The ancient Goddesses are here, and it’s time to awaken the creativity, love, joy, and abundance that is your birthright. It’s yours for the taking.

Q: Some people might say you are trying to make money off spirituality, is this true and what is your real motivation?

A: This is a project of passion. If I wanted to make a quick buck, I’d be doing something else. I make income in other ways. I am not counting on this to be my bread and butter. I am much more practical than that. This is built from love, service and passion. On a spiritual level, it’s like the Goddess has personally asked me to resurrect her on earth. We can see how unbalanced we as a society have become. The patriarchy has dominated on this planet and look at where we are now. The world is not harmonious because the Goddesses have been edited out of history. We must understand how this has impacted humanity as a whole and how we have all suffered because of this. This is no quick get rich scheme. It’s a life long journey and a part of my karma and Dharma to share the Goddess with the world.

It’s time to lift up the divine feminine spirit that has been suppressed all throughout history.

If you want to know more about why Radhaa is so passionate about this work, you can read her book: “Memoirs of a Galactic Goddess”

This undertaking took far more time, energy and a deep devotion for me to channel in a way I’ve never done before. I had to tap into this divine realm which is rather easy for me on my own or in working with clients. But to translate the Goddess teachings all the way down to the mundane and make it easy to digest was a work in progress. I had to break it down into bite size, so I can deliver this sacred information. This work comes naturally to me, but I had to ask myself how can I explain something that is so etheric in nature to others?

Bringing the timeless Ancient Goddesses back to her rightful place on earth is part of my lifelong legacy. After all, I am named after the Goddess of love and devotion, Goddess Radha. Also, I’ve had to hire lawyers and many people to make this into a 3D reality for example, just getting this trademark was a huge struggle. And I don’t take it lightly. I spent over six figures and a dozen years ( not including past lifetimes ) to manifest this as part of healing the collective feminine. I put my money where my mouth is.

Q: How did you discover your healing modality?

A: I discovered Goddess Activations™ while working with clients in my private practice in Hollywood Hills. I was seeing 4-6 women a day in my private practice. When my clients came to me with something that they wanted to work through, we dove deep. Through the process a certain type of energy of a Goddess would emerge. It’s as if the essence was needed in a session. It surprised me too, but it ended up making so much sense afterwards. Women were very happy to receive the Goddess energy. They would say it helped them awaken something — feel something brighter within. They felt inspired and lifted as if their higher self merged more deeply with them. They discovered more of who they were, what their gifts are and how to manifest more of what they truly wanted. It was an exciting process of discovery.

Q: How does Goddess energy help in a practical sense?

A: There are many ways Goddess energy can help. For example, a certain Goddess helps boost our creative energy, like Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom, words and creativity. When my screen writer client says ‘I’m hitting a creative wall’, I tune into her energy and call forth Goddess Saraswati. That energy comes through as a living light transmission and is activated within my client. She came to me very stressed out about her deadline. She couldn’t sleep or eat and was running on coffee fumes to try to get it done but nothing was working. Her associate who was also my client suggested she come see me. As a last resort and all of hope gone, she made her appointment with me. After a series of sessions there were huge shifts and transformations in her life. She told me she felt better than she had in a long time and she felt a dark depression had lifted off of her. She explained it was as if a heavy cloud had lifted that had been following her for years and the sun finally shines again. She then was able to get so inspired that she happily finished her screenplay and she was able to submit it on time. This is how this creative energy of Goddess Saraswati shows up.

Q: Can you give me another example of how you bring forth a particular Goddess energy when working with your client?

A: I had a client who was looking to manifest more activity in her business. She wanted more clients and ultimately, to be able to receive more abundance. It’s a feeling that we have to be open to receive. So we called in Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of luck and abundance. We worked with her energy for over 90 minutes. And during that time, at the end of the session, my client got a ding on her phone. She got $1,000. payment sent to her by her person. We both laughed! It’s incredible how the Goddesses work. The client’s strong desire to manifest was present and supported by a Goddess. Her karma was ripe to receive that blessing at that particular moment in time. Goddess Laksmi came through for her.

Each Goddess Archetype has her unique energy, gifts, and comes forth to present herself. Like any vitamin that our body may need, we also need certain energy infusions at different times in our life. In this case, the Goddess energy shows up when activated. This is what I call the Goddess Activations™.

Q: Everyone wants something different, how do you fulfill each of your client’s needs?

A: It’s different how it comes through for every client based on what they’re going through and what their needs are. The energy comes in as a forcefield of light and is infused with codes for a client to get activations in spaces and places that they need to have that energy to anchor in. If somebody was looking to activate more of their joy, they might call Baubo, the Goddess of fun, joy and sensuality. And if they’re looking for forgiveness, they might call in Quan Yin, the Goddess of love and compassion. If they need to break the chains and need to get out of a bad situation, they might call in Kali, the Goddess of rage and destruction. I created Goddess Activations™ to awaken the dormant or sleeping parts within women. I want women to feel more joy, more confidence, more pleasure and feel safe.

Q: So what you’re saying is that there are different types of Goddesses with specialized energies you can call upon?

A: Yes, the Goddess Activations™ or Goddess Codes™ are about activating the Goddess archetypes that already live inside of you.

In our daily prayers, we pray to God and He occupies more space than the Goddess.

Q: So why haven’t we learned about the Goddesses in our Western culture?

A: The word Goddess is a very sacred word. In our society, we know God very well, but the divine feminine aspect has been taken out of texts and scriptures and in every aspect of religion. And so now we’re feeling the imbalance of that in our world. And it’s more important now than ever to activate that divine feminine, to bring her back onto our planet earth through each woman individually in order to create that divine feminine archetype and activate the Goddess within.

Q: I hear the word Goddess everywhere and it has become a trendy word to use, what do you say about it’s popularity?

A: Goddess Activations™ are very healing as the Goddess is necessary for women to feel truly in their sacred power. The word Goddess has been misused, like many words nowadays. And we’re bringing this sacredness back to the Goddesses and bringing sacredness back to ourselves. “

Q: So do you call yourself a Goddess conduit?

More like Goddess Whisperer! 😉 During my sessions with my clients, I started to feel and see Goddess archetypes drop into the room, literally coming in as energies. And at first, I was a little freaked out, and said, what are you doing here? I realized, they are here to support us. I asked women’s permission ‘can I share this with you? As a Goddess energy showed up, I found that was precisely the Goddess they were working with or felt that energy. And it became this very organic thing where the women were receiving these transmissions from a certain Goddess they need to connect with. I guess you could say I am a “Goddess facilitator”, but this became known as Goddess Activations™ or Goddess Code™ because each session was an activation of a Goddess archetype that brought a client more healing, more peace, more joy, and abundance within.

Q: Can people have their own religious belief and still work with you?

A: It didn’t matter what their background was or what religion they had. The Goddesses showed-up. It was this thread, this golden thread that wove through, and it brought a sort of healing to anyone. It brought a kind of centeredness that they needed in their life at that time. And it wasn’t just one goddess, eleven goddesses were coming into the sessions at various times. Each woman would receive a different archetype. So, through the years, I started to see patterns and realize how important it is for the Goddess to be a part of any woman’s healing journey.

Q: You’re also an author. What books have you written to support women’s journey to have a deeper understanding of the Goddesses?

A: I have written several books namely: “Memoirs of a Galactic Goddess”, “Quan Yin Goddess Activations™ Work Book” and “Awakening Starseeds Series”. I am also a founder of Radhaa Publishing House.

“Memoirs of a Galactic Goddess” is about my personal journey and how I experienced the dark nights of my soul. I have found the sacred guidance of the Goddesses who always came, assisting me in alchemizing pain into powerful lessons. At the end of each chapter is a Goddess Teaching, sharing a bit about a particular Goddess; her gifts, her attributes and the lessons learned. It’s all about finding the silver lining in every experience. The second edition of this book will be available In the later part of 2020. To know more about this contact [email protected]

Another book I wrote is “Quan Yin Goddess Activations.” This is a healing workbook that guides the reader into working through forgiveness through the love and compassion of Goddess Quan Yin. It’s one of the most well received Goddess at Goddess Code Academy. So this year, I will offer this program again. Be sure to add your name in our email contact list at [email protected]

And then there’s a book series I’ve been curating called “Awakening Starseeds”. It’s a collaborative book with authors from all over the world, contributing their stories of awakening. It’s powerful when so many people come together to create something that inspires others. We still have a few spots left for Authors in Volume 2. You can find out more about this by sending an email to: [email protected]


Radhaa Nilia is a multimedia artist, coach, and Goddess teacher. She has been certified in over a dozen multiple healing modalities. Radhaa works with women to activate their inner Goddess, heal their heart wounds and soul purpose at Goddess Code Academy™. She is the original creator of Goddess Activations™ and Goddess Code™.

With a background in entertainment and media, Radhaa is an award winning Actress, Director, and Indie Filmmaker. She is also the owner of Radhaa Publishing House and a contributing writer for various online magazines such as Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Mind Body Green.

The Academy is officially open for fall 2020 to receive students. You can sign up at or send an email for program interest at [email protected]

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