Instagram-Worthy Locations to Visit

Instagram-worthy locations

This globe of ours is loaded with sublime places that can make you feel like you’re not even on Earth, that you’ve died and gone to heaven. Sometimes in our daily hectic routines, we forget how inexplicably beautiful the world can be. We grow tired of our surroundings and find ourselves in dire need of at least a quick getaway. If photographing insanely beautiful places and posting the pics on your Insta-feed is as important to you as relishing them, take our hand and let us guide you to some of the most Instagram-worthy locations, places that don’t even need a filter, although you’ll still place one for the sake of the feed consistency.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Instagram-worthy locations

This region of Turkey will make your jaw drop as soon as you step out of the little local bus that will get you there. This place literally looks like you’re on a different planet. When you’re standing on a Göreme hill and looking down on all this outlandish landscape, you are almost at a loss for words. The strange formations make it look like you’re in a Star Wars movie, but wait until you see all the hot air balloons – that’s when things get truly sublime. It feels like there are hundreds of them, all in different colors, just filling up the sky as far as the eye can see. Aside from the incredible pics of these, you should also definitely pay a visit to Uchisar castle and the Underground City. This will be a trip like no other in your life.


Instagram-worthy locations

Yet another colorful and historic place to visit during your lifetime and fill your Instagram feed with pics that will induce envy and admiration in everyone who sees them. This location is becoming more popular each year, so you better pay a visit to it until ‘the tourists haven’t ruined it’. The place boasts over 240 miles of coastline and barrier reefs so there will be plenty of bikini photo-ops as well, but you don’t even have to be in the pics, as the clear cerulean water will suffice. You can even embark on an exploration of the caves and waterfalls and take as many pics as you want. Now, all of this beauty aside, Belize’s biggest land attractions include the old city and its Mayan ruins. The best part is, you are free and safe to climb these, which again means – plenty of amazing photos on the way.


Instagram-worthy locations

One wouldn’t expect this US state of all to find its way on our list, but after a little recommendation from a friend and a little search on Arizona things to do, you’ll be totally hooked on the idea of visiting this state. First of all, there are the gorgeous Havasu Falls in Supai, and if you look for other people’s photos (which you are doing right now) you’ll see that this is totally a bucket-list destination. Just imagine your Insta with a photo of the Falls and you’ll be booking a flight in a New York minute. Just like in Cappadocia, you can see the morning air balloon rides, but you can also take one and then snap pics of the gorgeous landscape beneath you. There are so many things to do, see and take a photo of here, that it won’t be just your Insta that will remember this trip, but you’ll also be wondering why you’ve never thought of Arizona before. It’s pure Insta-gold.


Instagram-worthy locations

We have definitely saved the best Instagram-worthy locations for last. As far as Instagram and luscious traveling goes, there’s absolutely no place like Santorini. Reason: there isn’t a single spot on this entire island that ISN’T Instagram-worthy. From the fish market, the little blue doors and the endless hills and steps all the way to the incredible view of the sea from the same hills and steps – it all looks like a white and blue fairytale. You can let your hair down, put your best nonchalant resort attire on, and there is no way you will ever get a bad pic. If you have legs made for walking, make sure you take the hike from Fira to Oia. The few cute restaurants you’ll see on the way are totally worth the snap, and, of course, there are the luscious green hills and the sea beneath you. Finalize your trip with a bold jump from a cliff near Ammoudi Bay, but make sure there’s someone to capture the moment. Then you can go home.

So, the only question that remains now is, which flight are you booking first?

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