HydraFacial: How It Works, Benefits, and More

Picture this.

You’ve been sleeping on this for a few weeks but now you’re convinced. You just haven’t been happy with what you’re seeing from your skin lately.

Sure, the person staring back at you in the bathroom mirror may closely resemble you. But you look exhausted all the time.

Maybe those fine lines on your forehead got a little deeper. Maybe the stress of the pandemic has taken a bit of a toll.

Either way, you know that you could use a pick-me-up and a facial just might do the trick.

HydraFacials are increasingly popular skincare treatments at spas and medispas. Depending on who you ask, they’re one of the best skincare treatments available on the market.

We’re about to give you the inside scoop on this facial treatment. All you have to do is keep reading.

What Is a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is essentially a three-step skincare procedure.

  • First, your skin is going to be exfoliated with a tool that’s designed to feel like a very mild microdermabrasion.
  • Next, you’ll be given a light chemical peel. Spas will look for peel ingredients that work for your skin, but many will use a combination of salicylic and glycolic acids.
  • And then, finally, you’ll have your skin purified of excess oil and blackheads before you get a serum rubbed into your skin.

Because the procedure generally takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, you could realistically be in and out of the spa with time to spare for your lunch break.

Why Go for a HydraFacial?

Any time you’re making a more heavy-duty addition to your skincare routine, it’s only natural to be cautious. Here are just a few of the benefits of going for a HydraFacial as opposed to some other type of skincare treatment:

Benefit #1: It’s Amazing for Your Skin

With a lot of skincare treatments, it’s all too easy to find yourself forking over money for a procedure that disappoints. And once that happens a few times, it’s all too easy to lose time and money.

Ask any skincare junkie who has a cabinet full of rarely used products.

Regular HydraFacial treatments are known to result in:

  • Brighter skin
  • Less wrinkles
  • More even tone
  • Smaller pores
  • Improved skin texture

In short, it’s kind of a gamechanger for the skin.

Because the HydraFacial process is so systematic, it delivers results consistently whether your spa technician is the Michael Jordan of skincare or the inexperienced new hire.

What this means is that odds are good that HydraFacials will improve your skin as well.

Benefit #2: Works on All Skin Types

It seems like every few years there’s a beauty product that gets a cult following on the internet. And if you’re interested in the benefits a product or treatment provides, there are few things more upsetting than finding out that the results are everything you hoped for . . . On other people’s skin.

Some products work better for people with lighter skin than others. If your skin is prone to acne or is especially dry, you may have to rule out entire lines of products.

One of the biggest strengths that HydraFacials bring to the table is the fact that they work on every skin type.

If you’ve got oily skin, a pore-opening cleanse could give your skin some balance. Similarly, if you’ve got fine lines and wrinkles, a light chemical peel could be exactly what you need.

Plain and simple, using products that don’t work for your skin type can set you up for failure down the line. HydraFacials work with your skin rather than against it.

Benefit #3: You Can Combine Treatments

If you’ve ever gotten an intense deep laser or chemical peel, you already know that there are some beauty procedures that will drive your skin to take a few days off.

You can’t apply new chemicals, your face stings to the point where you’re hoarding Vaseline, and, if you have any strong serums that you normally use, you can just forget about it until the skin heals up.

Many of the strongest facials and skincare treatments just don’t play nicely with other procedures.

HydraFacials are different because they’re effective and they’re easy to use with other treatments. So if you’re in the spa for a HydraFacial, you can also get a brightening treatment or a few injections done.

If you want to enhance your results, HydraFacials let you do just that.

Benefit #4: There’s No Downtime

Many people want the glowing skin and the “How in the world does she get out of bed looking like that?” goodness of skin treatments. So why don’t more people get facials or chemical peels done?

Because on the more intense end of the spectrum, those treatments can put you out of commission for several days.

In these instances, the healing process in these cases often looks like having to spend time babying your skin, taking painkillers, and avoiding the sun like a vampire.

And that’s before we start talking about all the time you have to take off from work to make your appointments.

With a HydraFacial, you don’t have to create an entire schedule that revolves around helping your skin recover. You can sit in the chair, get your facial done, and then grab dinner with friends without problems.

HydraFacials Could Be One of the Best Skin Treatments Available

HydraFacials combine effectiveness and convenience in a way that few skin treatments do. All you get is anti-aging, acne-fighting, skin tone-evening goodness.

And when you’re a busy person with family obligations, a full-time job, and a social life to manage, being able to improve your skin with a procedure that takes less than an hour is a level of convenience that’s hard to pass up.

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