How You Are Unknowingly Ruining Your Ring


Your jewellery develops a sentimental meaning over the years. Whether it’s a wedding band or a pair or a ring from a close friend, you want to protect them for as long as possible.

Many people unknowingly damage their rings throughout the years when they could be doing certain things to protect them. This article will list some practical ways you can safeguard your rings from damage.

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Guide Keeping Your Rings Safe And Protected

  • Washing-up routine

When washing your hands, you need to get into the habit of removing your ring. This is because soap can stick to metals and diamonds. When this happens, over time it will cause the stone to lose its sparkle and become duller. Just be careful when you are taking it off in a public area and keep it safe to avoid loss.

  • Get a good cleaning routine

Forgetting to give it a clean and polish can be a big mistake and in the long-term, do nothing for your ring. Get a jeweller you can trust, such as the remarkable AE Design Jewellery in Sydney, and who is local to you and take it in for a regular MOT. This way you can preserve the stone’s brilliance and the metal for as long as possible.

  • Don’t wear your ring at the gym

Sweat can be a damaging factor that helps your body but doesn’t help expensive jewellery. Also, it does put your ring at risk of scrapes and bangs as you pick up various weights to work out. Get into a good routine of taking your ring off before a workout, especially if it has a softer stone.

  • Remove when cleaning

If you are using any aerosols or products with harsh chemicals, its best to get your ring out of the way. This can prevent unnecessary damage from being done.

  • Stay clear of the creams

If you are leaving your ring on whilst you use heavy hand cream or sun lotion, you could be doing a lot of damage. It could even go as far as discolouring the ring. So, you want to ensure you be extra careful or take off the ring when you are putting on cream.

  • You don’t treat it with care

This might be an obvious one but due to the fragility of your ring, it is very prone to being chipped and getting scratched. You need to be wary that stones may come lose and be wary of your movements to keep it safe and secure.

These are all effective ways you can prolong the life-span of your precious ring. Doing so can help you keep maintenance costs down and preserve the natural beauty of your ring.

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