How to Wear Lingerie: A Complete Guide

When was the last time you felt sexy? No, really sexy where it’s an explosion the next time you see your partner or date. So sexy you can feel eyes on you as you go about your business.

If they feel, you feel it too. You exude style, confidence, and class. You know you look good and you have all the power.

Where does this sexiness stem from? For some, it’s an inner feeling. For others, it starts with what you wear underneath.

If you’re unsure or need a refresher on how to wear lingerie, we’ve got your back. Read on and enjoy.

How to Shop for Lingerie

Shopping for lingerie can be an intimidating experience. Walking out of the store feeling sexually confident and comfortable can be a difficult feat to accomplish. Here are some tips to have you headed in the right direction.


No this isn’t about that dramatic hair band—we  want you to keep it simple/sexy. You don’t need to jump right into buying corsets and garters right away. This will only leave you feeling disappointed.

Once you have a simple foundation, you will start to increase your body confidence. This is especially true when you know how to shop for your particular body type.


You want to choose colors that go well underneath your everyday clothing. Start with your skin tone for when you want to be a classic girl with a white tee. When you want to show off your fun, playful, and flirtatious side, find something that exudes your personality.


Did something catch your eye? Perhaps it was a certain print or pattern, or the perfect cut that accentuates the booty. Whatever the case may be, when you put them on, notice how they make you feel.

How to Wear Lingerie

When pondering how to wear lingerie, you don’t always have to wear it underneath. Modern lingerie goes well with your daily attire. It all depends on how you choose to style it.

Bralette Bae

For a simple yet hot look, go for a bralette with high-waisted jeans. A bralette is one of the best lingerie pieces for its versatility. Just wait for the flirtations to begin.

Sneak Preview

Keep that bralette on for an entirely different look. You could rock a low-cut top for a sneak preview of what’s underneath. This is a playful tease that those who get to witness will just love.

Layer Player

Grab that sexy apparel that can be worn over your clothes. This way you can show off your skivvies sans skin. A jumpsuit or dress will look great with a corset over top.

Sexiness Starts With You

In case you forgot along the way—sexiness starts with you. If you feel sexy, people will take notice. As you enter a room, people will “break their necks” in awe.

You must be bursting with joy and excitement by now. Who will you show off your sexy undies to next?

Learning how to wear lingerie is a fun thing to master. To stay up to date on all the style trends, be sure to peruse through our blog.

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