How to prepare for your engagement party

Getting engaged is a really exciting time in any couple’s relationship. No matter how long you’ve been together, and regardless of whether you already feel committed to your partner, this public show of commitment can feel like the next big step in your lives together.

Hosting an engagement party can be a lovely way to share your news and celebrate with your family and friends. Especially if you have quite a large circle, your engagement is the perfect excuse to bring everyone together, and get everyone introduced to each other before the big day.

But how can you make sure that this special event goes off without a hitch? Here, we give you some top tips to make sure it’s a night to remember for all the right reasons.

Decide on your guest list

Before you start inviting everyone you know, sit down with your partner and consider the size of your wedding guest list. Etiquette dictates that whoever you invite to your engagement party should also get a wedding invitation, otherwise things could get awkward.

The exception to this rule is if you know that you’re going to have a small, intimate wedding, and you’re using your engagement party as an alternative wedding reception. If this is the case, then you should make it clear to your friends that this is what you’re planning to do. That way they know that they haven’t just been left out, and you value their company.

Make sure your ring is ready

You can be sure that your ring will be the centrepiece of your engagement party, as your loved ones will want to see the newest addition to your jewellery collection. An engagement ring is still considered by most to be an important part of getting engaged, so make sure that you’re ready for people to take a closer look.

Firstly, make sure that your engagement ring fits correctly. Especially if you have precious stones on the band, an incorrect fit on the ring can mean that it slides round. This isn’t the time to hide that beautiful design from view, so make sure it fits correctly before the party.

Since you’ve likely only just got your ring, you shouldn’t need to deep clean it, but giving it a gentle polish can leave it sparkling ready for all the photos.

Organise the venue and refreshments

Once you know how many people you’d like to invite, you can get going with choosing a venue for your party and planning the refreshments. Decide if you’d want to go all-out and book a private room with a sit down dinner, or whether you’d rather keep things more casual and choose a drop-in-and-out style celebration. Include a neon sign for wedding as a fun decoration.

Whatever you go for, remember to get any dietary requirements from your guests, and make sure all the food is labelled or that they can get a list of ingredients. You should also provide non-alcoholic drinks so that everyone can feel like they’re involved in the party – why not work with your venue to create your own signature cocktail and mocktail?

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