How to Pick the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

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Did you know that ear piercing trends are on the rise, and “ear curation” is now a thing? Gone are the days when people pondered, “to pierce, or not to pierce”? Now it’s more likely a question of how many holes you want to have in your ear!

Are you struggling to find earrings that look great on you? Luckily, now is the perfect time to learn about how to pick the best ones for your face shape. If you want to learn more about finding the perfect match, check out this guide here.

Find Your Face Shape

The first step on your jewelry journey is to determine what kind of face shape that you have. Take a good look in the mirror and measure if you need to. This information can help you do everything from find earrings to the best haircut for your shape.

Best Earrings for an Oval Face

If you have a very balanced face that has a forehead and chin that are not too wide or narrow and are shaped like an egg, you may have an oval face. This is one of the easiest face shapes to pick earrings for since most types and lengths will work.

Best Earrings for a Round Face

For people that have a very circular shape that is set near the ears, that is considered a round face. Round faces benefit from dangling and chandelier earrings that will elongate the face.

Best Earrings for a Square Face

A square face is highlighted by strong angles and a similar width in cheeks, forehead, and jaw. Opt for medium or long earrings to help bring balance and highlight the contours of your face.

Best Earrings for a Heart-Shaped Face

If your face is wide at the top with a gentle curve that narrows to the point of your chin, you may have a heart-shaped face. Dangling earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top will work best.

Best Earrings for a Diamond-Shaped Face

For those that have a forehead and chin that are narrower than the cheekbones, that’s known as a diamond face. This shape benefits from earrings that are wide across. Or try something delicate like studs or diamond huggie earrings for a dainty look.

Best Earrings for a Narrow Face

Narrow faces are known for the length being the defining characteristic. If you have this elongated shape, choose earrings that have volume. Whether they are short or long in length, go for ones with interest to draw the eye horizontally.

Ready To Find Your Perfect Earrings? 

Now that you’ve learned all about the best earrings for your face shape, you can select them with confidence. No matter what there is something that will work for you. And don’t forget the most important part, which is to pick earrings that you love and make you feel good wearing them!

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