How To Modernize Your Kitchen On a Budget


If you want to bring your kitchen into the modern era there are simple ways you can do this without breaking the bank. Adding a touch of paint in all the right places can really open up a room and make old cabinets look just like new. If you are getting bored of your old kitchen, here is how you can begin to modernize the space whilst on a budget.

Budget First!

Budgeting for the following modernizing tips is essential. You need to know how much money you have to work with and plan accordingly. By creating a weekly and monthly budget – and sticking to it! – you can make the most of the money available to you. However, sometimes unexpected costs do arise when completing any home renovations. Your boiler could break down, or the new kitchen appliances cost more money than expected, for example. In cases such as these, you could consider taking out a loan, ensuring you add the repayments into your budget. Loan On Your Car offers logbook loan alternatives, allowing you to borrow between £500 and £100,000 and receive the cash in one hour.

Simple Storage Solutions

If you need more storage in your place, then it may be time to think about swapping out the cabinets. Some of the more modern kitchen cabinets include pull out drawers which can be easily compacted and save a lot of room. This will mean taking out your old cabinets and replacing them, which can cost a bit of money. You can cut a lot of these costs if you choose to replace the cabinets yourselves, but your DIY abilities need to be up to scratch.

Using big name stores such as Ikea can help you to build a new dream kitchen for much less than you think, as long as you can do it yourself. If this isn’t an option at the moment, then it’s time to think about other ways to improve your storage. Check out these sleek and simple ways to improve your storage and modernize your kitchen all at once.


A splash of paint in all the right places can bring a dull and boring kitchen into the modern era. Whether you choose to hire a painter or try it yourself, doing a good job can bring new life to the place. If your cabinets are looking a little worse for wear, then why not give them a lick of paint? Duck egg blue and pale sage green both work extremely well in kitchens, especially if you have wooden furniture.

For an even more modern appearance try a contrasting black and white look. Painting the bottom half of your kitchen black and the top half white can make the space look so different in such a simple way. This looks great with metal accents and works best if you have an island in your kitchen. Team this with some metal lighting and stools and you have yourself a brand-new kitchen on a budget.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances can make all the difference between an old kitchen and a modern space. Upgrading even simple items such as your microwave or toaster can add new life to your kitchen. There is even the option of finding second hand appliances. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to find an amazing deal on something that has barely been used.

Items such as fridge freezers can last a long time when looked after properly, just ensure you see any items in person before purchasing or purchase over a reputable site which will protect your money in case of any issues. A dishwasher is an essential piece in a modern kitchen and is also a great help for busy people. You can pick up a dishwasher for a great price, check out the sales for the best deals. You can easily buy online and still have it installed too, for more information search for “dishwasher installation near me”.


Lighting is yet another factor that can make a big difference when modernizing your kitchen. New paint deserves good lighting and choosing the right places to add lighting can open up the area. Hanging lights always look good in a kitchen area but some kitchens don’t have the space for this. Spot lights can look good too, especially if choose to go with a black and white themed kitchen space.

Again, being able to install your own light fixtures can save you a lot of cash but many people do not have the skills required to do this. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to leave it up to a local electrician to save you the hassle. If you need a little inspiration then look no further than these forty beautiful lighting ideas to transform your kitchen from dull to wow.

With so many furniture stores available online, you can find more choices and versatility than ever before. Your modern kitchen can be a reality if you search around for the least expensive options and try to do as much as you can for yourself. Paint and lighting can go a long way in making an old kitchen feel brand-new. Don’t forget to begin upgrading your kitchen appliances and find the best storage solutions for your space.

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