How to look fashionable and ladylike without sacrificing any comfort


When it comes to clothing, I am very fond of comfort. That’s why I prefer to wear skirts made of stretch material and dresses with elastic waistband. Or when I feel bloated I wear empire line dresses. But at the same time, I do want to look my best! But then without sacrificing any comfort! This is not always easy especially if you are a brand new mum so if you want to wear something practical and look elegant the same time read on for some tips!

Practical and elegant tips for mommies

It seems like these Instagram families are all perfect. You see a mom with their kid and she looks her best while running the household, having an amazing career and husband. How is she able to do that? Spending time with your children is undoubtedly the best thing there is. Playing around in the playground, cooking together ensures lots of fun. But Mama’s clothing often does not come off flawlessly. When choosing an outfit, mothers are therefore often in conflict. On the one hand, it is annoying when a favorite item can no longer be worn after playing. On the other hand, mums want to feel good and stylish. The best thing is that with a few small details and actions you can conjure up an outfit that is both practical and elegant in an instant.

                                                                          High waisted PU leggings

Jeans: a true all-rounder

The fact that you have children in your home does not necessarily mean that you have to walk around in a sloppy outfit every day. Well-Fitting jeans preferable high waist jeans will look great on almost anyone. High waist jeans lengthen your legs but are still comfortable. Dark washings in particular hide stains and, in combination with a nice top or shirt and you can’t go wrong. Moreover, robust fabric can take a beating. High waist models with a high stretch content ensure freedom of movement and a pleasant feeling on the skin. Totally ideal for brand new mums.

high waist jeans
                                                                          High waisted skinny jeans

Maximum freedom of movement in dresses and skirts

Maxi dresses and skirts in the summer ensure maximum freedom of movement. With airy cotton or linen fabrics, or stretch fabrics they also allow the skin to breathe. The smoothly falling fabric hangs playfully around the legs and hides any problem areas around the abdomen or hips. In particular, models with buttons on the front, zippers or with striped motifs can be found in the shops at the moment.


                                                                               Snake skin PU skirt

A blazer makes instant more elegant

Of course, we do not ask you to suddenly appear in a business suit at a children’s party. But a chic blazer gives your style that little something extra. The trick is to use it in the right way. And that works best over a simple basis: jeans and T-shirt, sweatpants and blouse or a basic dress.

Loose-fit models also look nice and casual. If you like a classic look, go for a tailored version in dark colors. In that case, make sure that your styling is right.

                                                                                     PU corset top

Combine with accessories

You are always comfortable with simple and timeless items of clothing which you can combine endlessly so that you are always well dressed. Accessories give your style a finishing touch.

For example, a simple white bustier top is the perfect basis for a strikingly colored necklace. An elegant shopper goes with a maxi dress that provides a touch of boho and moreover offers space for drinking bottles or snacks for the kids. And on hot days, your outfit is rounded off by striking sandals, thick heels or designer sneakers.

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