How to jetset on a budget 10 travel hacks

travel hacks

Want to travel the world, but your wallet is saying no? Here are 10 travel hacks for traveling on a budget to make your jetset dreams come true.

  1. Pick flights wisely

There are many ways to save your money on flights. Make sure to check all the flight search engines, take time to browse flight discounts too. Some airlines have discounts and special offers for their passengers, so make sure not to pick the first free flight available.

  1. Set realistic priorities

Before going to another place, make sure what your priorities are and make sure they fit you budget. You will have to be ready to choose, but in return have a more quality experience.

  1. Accommodation for free? Sure.

How great would it be if you could just stay at hosts for some time for free? Well, the good news is that there are actually many websites offering free accommodation in exchange for free work and volunteering, and this can save you so much money, plus you will get a chance to live like a local. Amazing travel hacks, right?

  1. Don’t travel as a tourist

Famous landmarks and museums are important part of one culture, but is visiting every each of them necessary for an amazing adventure? Sure not. Go where the locals are. Do what the locals do. Exploring the city on your own will give you a feeling like you belong there.

  1. Meet more travelers

There are many communities of travelers out there who can accompany you on your journey. Not only you get a chance to meet some awesome locals and tourists from all around the words, but you’ll find it much easier to find our interesting facts about your destinations.

  1. Connect with locals

One of the best ways to get to know a new city is by connecting with the locals. Facebook, Meetup and Couchsurfing are just some of the places you can look for people in your area who would like to share with you amazing details, such as places to see, what to avoid and much more.

  1. Say no to hotels

After booking flights, the next most expensive thing while traveling is accommodation. If volunteering and working when traveling are not your thing, to minimize accommodation costs, check hostels of find hosts and families online who would host you for reasonable price.

  1. Say yes to trains

There are many discounts for those who choose to travel by train, and the best thing about trains is that it’s really easy to go from one place to another, making your trip more diverse. Sure, you will travel longer, but the price is better and exploring multiple places much easier.

  1. Travel light

For a jet set traveler some things are absolute must, but others are not. Travel light and pack only what is necessary for you to have a comfortable trip.

  1. Make your own souvenirs

It is always great to bring home a souvenir, but who says you have to buy one? Instead spending a fortune, get creative with your souvenirs. Photographs, travel journal, random objects you found – everything can be a part of your memory, and for free!

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