How to Improve Skin Color

skin color

Just as our skin color change from person to another, so does our skin tone. It can be anything from almost white to pale to even without color. Uneven skin color will make us look boring and unhealthy, so we need to better skin color so that our skin tone, whichever it may be, look healthy, bright and even. Your skin may become dry and uneven with age, but if you maintain the skin color with regular care, you may look hot than you actually are.

Drink plenty of water

There is a reason why all fitness articles advocate drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water every day, this water will flush out all the toxins that are there in the body and thus keep the skin perfect. Your skin will also not become dull because the water will hydrate your body. So to right uneven skin color, be sure that best amount of water is going inside your body.


It is a bad idea that an acne-prone oily skin does not require any moisture. According to report from Skin Care Physicians, when you moisturize your skin, it supports to trap water below your skin and this makes it seem more young and bright. But chose the moisturizer well, ensure it is suited for your specific skin kind. For acne prone oily skin, you will a moisturizer which is free of oil, and if your skin is dry, then try those that are created for dry skin to reject an uneven skin tone.

Wear sunscreen 365 days a year

Age spots and skin wrinkles are 2 results of sun exposure without any care over a period of time. Your skin becomes discolored due to this issue and thus uneven skin tone lessens the beauty of a best skin. Your negligence of not using sunscreen while out in the sun may cost more than you can guess. So if you are not in the habit of using sunscreen daily, change the habit quickly and put on a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more going out in the sun. Put it at least ten minutes before you go out and if you are staying in the sun for a high period of time, reapply after every two hours.


Get rid of dead skin cells by exfoliating regularly. Your skin tone will become bore if you do not regularly remove these dead cells. Not just that, blackheads and acne will become a regular issue as the dead skin cells will clog your pores. You will simply find clothes in the nearest drug store or exfoliating cleaners, but be alert while using it. Do not use it roughly as that will bother the skin instead of supporting it.

Exercise and eat right

A diet that is top in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids and regular exercise that supports to circulate oxygen to your skin will keep your skin tone fit and even. As for food that are top in omega-3 fatty acids, try sardines, fatty acids, or any other chill water fish.

Cleanse and treat your skin regularly

Your skin should not go without any type of product or treatment for more than twelve hours, as a report from American Academy of Dermatology advises. Sunscreen is counted as one such product. Ensure you perfect the skin regularly so that dirt does not make uneven skin tone or dull your skin with dirty material. This will also stop breakouts. When you use sunscreen, you prevent the issues before they truly start.

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