How to Host a Glamorous and Enjoyable Evening with Friends

evening with friends

Having your friends over for a casual get together is always fun and something to look forward to, but sometimes you’re looking to go that extra mile and really take things to the next level. If you are trying to think of a way to make your next evening with friends a glamorous and more luxurious affair but aren’t sure where to begin, then we’ve got you covered with a number of great tips and ideas. These will help you to create a fabulous evening that no-one will soon forget.

Skip the Dinner and Opt for Appetizers Instead

The first thing you can do to change up the typical evening with friends is skip dinner and serve a wide variety of tasty appetizers and finger foods instead. This will be just as filling but will seem much more posh and luxurious. It also gives you an opportunity to play around with different flavors, combinations and recipes if you see yourself as somewhat of a foodie.

It’s also a good idea to let guests know in advance that it will be finger foods and appetizers, just so that they know what to expect.

As an added tip it’s a good idea to do as much preparation and even cooking in advance. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen leaving your guests to entertain themselves the whole evening. Aim to have the food ready to go and set out the moment guests start to arrive.

Create Your Own Signature Drink

Another way to add instant glamor to the evening is to serve up a signature cocktail or drink to your guests as they arrive. Pinterest can be a great source of cocktail ideas, as well as serving suggestions. Don’t forget that a great drink is just as much about the presentation as it is the flavor and originality.

Consider a Craft Beer Night

Rather than serve your typical brews, why not class it up and turn the evening into a craft beer sampling night. You could even tell your guests about the plan in advance and ask everyone to bring one craft beer they either like or wish to sample so that you get a real good variety. Just be sure you have small glasses to sample the various beers in.

Put Together a Cigar Lounge

To really push the party over the top you can even create your own mini cigar lounge perfect for later on in the evening. The Cigar Cafe is a fabulous website to visit for information on how to pick cigars and what to look for.

Set the Mood with Lighting

While you may not want to go out and purchase décor, you can still set the mood and atmosphere of the party with lighting. For a glamorous evening you want to think low lighting and even candles if you choose.

Change Up the Typical Night with Friends

If you’re looking to change up the typical night with friends and inject a little glamor and luxury into the evening, then these tips will certainly make it possible.

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