How to Host a Fun Dinner Party with Kids in the Mix

dinner party

The weekends are a beautiful time to get together with friends who have kids so that the elders can have dinner together while the children run and play in the backyard. You don’t need a big house to host such a party; the kids can have fun in their rooms, on the trampoline and riding the bikes. It can seem to be a herculean task but we have formulated a guide on how to host a fun dinner party with the kids in the mix.

  1. Hire a helper

Finding individual childcare is nearly impossible for your guests. You can pool your resources and hire a single babysitter just for the dinner day. The babysitter does not need to look after the kids all the time but she can pitch whenever help is needed.

  • Pick the kid-friendly songs

If you intend to play music on the day then try to choose the kid-friendly songs. In other words, you need to ensure that the music you chose is appropriate for all ages. Choose an album that the kids will love to listen to.

  • Never arrange for a buffet

Just remember that kids and buffets do not go well together. It only takes a second for an over-enthusiastic child to pull down a hot dish. You can avoid such accidents when you decide to serve dinner to your guests.

  • Keep the menu simple

Yes, you need to keep some food items that are especially for the kids so that they feel interested. You can keep sliced fresh fruits, brownies, cookies, pretzels, mini-quiches and/or chicken nuggets with plum sauce. For the adults make sure you have a good espresso machine like different food options so everyone can enjoy something they like.

  • Arrange for games

This is where the babysitter will be handy. Ask her to think or arrange for games so that the children can entertain themselves during the dinner party. You can get the kids go on a treasure hunt or simply buy some board games for them.

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