How to get toned and healthy, fashion model diet tips

fashion model diet

Get ready ladies to get toned and healthy. With some lifestyle changes you can get your best figure back. Here are some fashion model diet tips all fashion models and IT girls know about. If you find it hard to prep your own meals get a customized diet plan here.

The magic of green smoothies

Looking good doesn’t only mean being thin and toned. First of all it means healthy. This is one of the first lessons supermodels around the globe learned. Their best aid in keeping body in best possible condition is mixture of vitamins, minerals and rich nutritious found in green food, and one of the most delicious ways of consuming those is simply making smoothies. You will stay lean and healthy with a beauty diet dear ladies, an you don’t even have to spend much time to prepare those. Add some superfoods like chia seeds and vegetables for the ultimate green smoothie.

Sea food instead of red meat

It is a known fact that Japanese live a bit longer than the rest of folks. This is because traditional Japanese food is one of the healthiest there is. Sea food, big choice of vegetables and fruits, soy sauce and other delicious specalities help the body stay toned, as it is rich in protein found in fish and sea food. Protein builds muscles and keeps you full, and sea-food is the best source of protein there is. Instead of eating red meat use this fashion model diet tip eat fish!

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Add lemon water to your fashion model diet

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your body in shape, and it really works! Drinking lemon water in the morning detoxifies the body and prepares you for the long day. but thats not all. Lemon is known to burn fat, and drinking this super potion every morning will make you love your belly more. Your body will sure be grateful to you.

Nuts are the new snacks

No one says you should never eat that delicious ice cream or your favorite desert. All we are saying is you can replace your deserts every now and than with nuts! Nuts can give your body enough energy to survive the busy day, are healthy and full of omega-3 fats, and we all know how important these are.

fashion model diet,

Recipe with walnuts and banana

Say goodbye to the local bakery

One of the worst enemies of a toned body is bread and baked goods. Oh my, these will get glued to your body faster than any fat-rich foods. Every fashion model knows this, which is why they have such tiny waists. Remember, exercising is great, but you must ditch the unhealthy carbs to stay toned! Do you have any fashion model diet tips? Comment below!

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