How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Properly

unwanted hair


The winter time can be a wonderful time for all – especially us women. Because it’s getting colder, there’s no reason to have our bare legs out on show, which always means we don’t need to worry about hair removal for a while. Unless, you’re hitting the dating scene or are already in a relationship. Unfortunately girls, you will still have to make the effort.

There are plenty of different ways to remove unwanted hair, so don’t just stick to one option because you assume that it’s the best. Here’s a list of different techniques that you should try out until you find what works best for you.


This is the most common technique used all around the world. This is because it’s the easiest, and the cheapest option. Having said that, it’s not all positive. Shaving can leave our skin bumpy, stubbly, and even sometimes bloody. This is because the razor blade cuts the hair at an angle which then grows back inwards – creating ingrown hairs. And these can really hurt and irritate the skin, resulting in spots that tend to stick around until the next time you shave or if you remove the hair. There are some tips to treat acne after shaving though, like moisturizing afterwards, and applying a soothing balm to seal the skin. You should also always make sure that your razors are kept clean, and regularly replaced when need be.

Hair removal creams

These seem like the perfect option. You lather your hairy areas with this, wait a few minutes, and then rinse it off and you’re left with silky smooth skin. This happens by dissolving the hair up to the skin’s surface which also means no ingrown hairs. Sounds great right? But. They can burn – really burn. Not only the sensation, but a lot of cases have been documented where the products have left blisters on the skin because of how harsh it is – even the ones that are made for sensitive skin. Having said that, some people are very happy with their results, so it also depends on the type of hair you have. But just be really careful, and whatever you do – don’t leave it on for over the recommended time.


A lot of women use this method to shape their eyebrows, as well as any unwanted hair on the face, like above the upper lip. This works by using a long piece of thread that is twisted in a way that is able to grab the hairs, and pull them out quickly. It can hurt a little, but nothing more than how it feels when plucking, so you’ll get used to it within the first few seconds. If you’re worried about damaging your skin, then this is perfect for you as it’s a lot more gentle than tweezing. The only negative thing with this option is that this only really exists for small areas like your face. It might be possible to get your legs done, but it will cost quite a bit and will take a very long time.


Although waxing is a very popular choice for areas like the legs and pubic area, it can actually cause an awful lot of damage to the skin. This is because waxing removes the top layer of skin every single time you do it. Now, on the body, that isn’t too bad because the skin is a lot tougher and can take it – within reason. But the face is far too fragile for that, especially around the eye area. Also, if you suffer from any skin problems like psoriasis or eczema, you definitely shouldn’t consider waxing because it can make your hair grow back at a quicker rate, which means you’ll need to wax again a lot sooner than other people, resulting in damaging your skin even more, and in some cases that can lead to hyperpigmentation.

Laser treatments

Oh yes please. Sure, this is pretty pricey compared to your other options, but that’s because they’re the most effective. Thanks to modern technology, you can now zap away your hairs, but not just for a month or so – but forever. Depending on how many treatments you have, this technology will completely stop your hair growth altogether. Can you imagine that? No. More. Hair. The bonus to this option is that not only are you getting rid of your unwanted hair, but you can also experience some skin rejuvenation. That is because new collagen is formed, and that makes your skin look younger, fresher, and tighter.

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